The Springfielders are having problems with Molly until Nelson comes along and helps them.


  • Ned Flanders as Hercules
  • Principal Skinner as Big Mac
  • Homer as Ten Cents
  • Barney as Warrior
  • Grandpa Abe as OJ
  • Chief Wiggum as Fire Tug
  • Milhouse as Sunshine
  • Nelson as Zebedee
  • Mr. Burns as Zorran
  • Molly (from Thomas & Friends) as Princess Alice


  • Mayor Quimby (Narrating): Docking a engine can be a hazardous business for people, especially with cross-currents and the danger of this high wind. Usually, the engine can assist, but Molly couldn't due much due to her damaged boiler and low on coal. With all their expertise and experience, the Springfield team were finding her very difficult to keep under their control.
  • Ned Flanders: What's happening back there? Come on, Springfielders!
  • Principal Skinner: She's not responding, Ned! The wind's too strong!
  • Homer: I can't hold her much longer!
  • Ned Flanders: Work harder, everybody!
  • Barney: I've put in full strength, can't do no more!
  • Grandpa Abe: We need another person! Just one more should do it!
  • Chief Wiggum: Sorry I can't help. I'm needed in case of fire.
  • Grandpa Abe: Come on, lads, hold it!
  • Milhouse: Oohhh... Look out, I'm in trouble!
  • Grandpa Abe: Come on, somebody!
  • Homer: We're losing it! We'll be crushed between Molly and keyside!
  • Nelson: This is two you owe me, Springfielders!
  • Homer: Nelson! Oh, thanks, just in time, you're a lifesaver!
  • Grandpa Abe: Thank you, Nelson. She's under control again!
  • Barney: Got her, Abe!
  • Milhouse: Oh, hey, thanks, Nelson. Heh heh.
  • Nelson: Tony will have my head for this.
  • Milhouse: All right, thank you, Nelson.
  • Ned Flanders: Thank you, Nelson.
  • Grandpa Abe: Thank you, Nelson.
  • Homer: Thank, Nelson.
  • Mr. Burns: Is Nelson going soft in the head or something? Oh, the idiot!
  • Mayor Quimby (Narrating): Mr. Burns couldn't understand Nelson. The B's were out to beat the Springfielders, not to help them beat the B-Stacks!

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