Bart tries to get under the bridge before Nelson and Jimbo. But then, Nelson's tall load damages the bridge.


  • Bart as Top Hat
  • Nelson as Zebedee
  • Jimbo as Zak
  • Carl as Eddie
  • Dr. Nick as Lord Stinker
  • Sideshow Mel as Puffa (Cameo Role)


  • Mayor Quimby (Narrating): Several bridges spanned across the alley, the lowest one, carrying the workers. The B-Stacks hadn't connected their tall load with the tide, the highest of the season. Bart was coming towards them from the opposite direction, with a wide load, as well as Dr. Nick. There was no way the Springfielders and B-Stacks could pass each other. When they did come face to face, someone was going to have to go back the way they came. They first saw each other at the bend, leading to the bridge, which had the lowest arch over the alley. Bart stopped when he saw the B-Stacks.
  • Bart: Go back, if you please. It's my territory.
  • (Sideshow Mel whistles from above)
  • Bart: I repeat, it is MY territory!
  • Jimbo: We're heavier!
  • Bart: My load is wider!
  • Nelson: You've five seconds to back up!
  • Bart: What? Well, so have you, then!
  • Jimbo: Right! Five!
  • Carl: They mean it, Bart.
  • Bart: I am coming through! Four!
  • Nelson: So am I! Three!
  • Bart: We'll see! Two!
  • Jimbo: One! Get under the bridge, fast, Nelson! You've got him!
  • Nelson: Watch my wake, that Springfielder's met his match!
  • Mayor Quimby (Narrating): Both Nelson and Bart were at full speed, and surged forwards towards each other and the bridge.
  • Dr. Nick: Bart, look at his load.
  • Bart: He's going to hit! Hold on, I'm moving back!
  • Nelson: He's backing up! Didn't I tell you, Jimbo?
  • Jimbo: Didn't even make a fight of it! Ha ha! Oh, no! Its going for the bridge, Nelson! Back up! Quick!
  • Nelson: Oh, no! I can't stop!
  • (Nelson's steel rig hits the bridge)
  • Nelson: Oh, no, help!
  • Bart: That's real bully thinking, dummies.
  • Nelson: Uh, suppose Jimbo and I better go and get some help.
  • (Sideshow Bob whistles and approaches the bridge from above)

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