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Bart and Dr. Nick rescue Apu from an accident.


  • Bart as Top Hat
  • Dr. Nick as Lord Stinker
  • Apu as The Goods Engine
  • Carl as Eddie


  • (Apu whistles)
  • Bart: Oh no! I know that whistle!
  • Carl: It's Apu Nahasapeemapetilon!
  • (Apu approaches the bridge, which falls apart)
  • Bart: We can't take this one, it's impossible!
  • Dr. Nick: No, it's not. Push me under the end, quick!
  • Bart: What? Oh, yes, I see! I get the idea! (Bart pushes Dr. Nick to the end of the bridge) If this doesn't work, you'll be in danger yourself, Nick!
  • Dr. Nick: I know. Don't remind me, just get me under the end of that bridge!
  • (Apu slides down the bridge and Dr. Nick catches him)
  • Bart: It's worked! Nick, you're a smelly old genius, nothing less!
  • Carl: Hmm. Took some brain to save that man.
  • Dr. Nick: Oh, I say.
  • Bart: I'll never complain about your smell again.
  • Dr. Nick: Rubbish can be valuable stuff.

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