Principal Skinner tells the Springfielders that he just saw ghosts, but nobody believes him.


  • Principal Skinner as Big Mac
  • Bart as Top Hat
  • Grandpa Abe as OJ
  • Barney as Warrior
  • Homer as Ten Cents
  • Milhouse as Sunshine
  • Herb Powell as Scuttlebutt Pete (Mentioned)


  • Bart: Slow down! You know better than to travel in fog of that great of naughts.
  • Grandpa Abe: You're right, you look as if you've seen a ghost.
  • Principal Skinner: I, Uh, well, I saw something, I, uh... No, I can't tell you, you'll only, laugh.
  • Bart: What? Oh, look, come on, we're worried a bit serious.
  • Principal Skinner: Well, I have seen ghosts.
  • Bart: What? You've seen what?
  • Principal Skinner: Ghosts! You know Herb's story about those men that died in the great storm of 1912?
  • Barney: And they'll come back to get you!
  • Homer: Oh, Skinner, you're not taking Herb's story for real, are you?
  • Principal Skinner: Aye, Well, I'm not going out there again till' the fog lifts.
  • Bart: Ha! Well, I'd never thought I'd hear that from a principal.
  • Milhouse: Well, he, he could have seen something, there could be ghosts, you never know.
  • Bart: Oh, don't be ridiculous, really.

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