Mayor Quimby tells the Springfield Fleet that they have jobs to do with the navy and munitions.


  • Mayor Quimby as Captain Star
  • Barney as Warrior
  • Bart as Top Hat
  • Principal Skinner as Big Mac
  • Homer as Ten Cents
  • Milhouse as Sunshine
  • Grandpa Abe as OJ (Mentioned)
  • Frank Grimes as Bluenose (Mentioned)
  • Dr. J Loren Pyror as Mighty Moe (Mentioned)


  • Mayor Quimby: Right, Springfield Fleet. We're on surfacing Naval maneuvers again.
  • (The Springfield Fleet groans)
  • Mayor Quimby: Abe's laying marker cones in the old dock area. Remember; no shortcuts. Use the official entry. You all know the Navy.
  • (The Springfield Fleet grumble)
  • Mayor Quimby: Don't grumble, it's a good regular contract. Just get on with it. Your loads are munitions. You're lucky, B-Stacks Fleet have got the explosives, so give them a wide burst. Make myself clear, Barney, no high wakes!
  • Barney: I don't make high wakes, Mayor Quimby, no sir.
  • Mayor Quimby: Not much. Daily garbage detail for you.
  • Bart: Uhhh. This means we'll have Frank Gimes flapping around us. I can't stand that man. What a terrible bore he is with his orders, isn't he?
  • Barney: You do the garbage detail, then.
  • (The rest of the Springfield Fleet laughs as Bart is shocked)
  • Bart: ME? How can you suggest such a thing?
  • Mayor Quimby: I'll have less talk from you, Bart, or you will find yourself on garbage!
  • (The rest of the Springfield Fleet laughs again)
  • Bart: That is not funny. It would ruin my image.
  • (The Springfield Fleet continues laughing)
  • Mayor Quimby: Okay, crew, stow it! Bart!
  • Bart: Yes?
  • Mayor Quimby: Homework for you, and don't argue! Just go!
  • Bart: Do I have to earn a living with this muttley crew?
  • Principal Skinner: Oi, you...
  • Homer: Mayor Quimby, we've just about had enough of Bart's insults.
  • Principal Skinner: Aye.
  • Homer: He's more trouble than he's worth.
  • Milhouse: Aye, and you said that wasn't very much, didn't you, Homer, eh?
  • (Principal Skinner laughs)
  • Mayor Quimby: I said stow it! Homer, go to the Springfield Workshop, pick up the brand-new Springfield Line oil drum, get it filled, and take it to the Naval Yard!
  • Homer: Right, sir.
  • Milhouse: Well said, Homer. He's a pain in the head.
  • (Principal Skinner laughs)
  • Homer: The way he moves his head about, I'd say he's a pain in the neck!
  • Principal Skinner: That's right!
  • Mayor Quimby: Milhouse, go to the alley, pick up Dr. J. Loren Pyror. They finished the work on the bridge. Take him home.
  • Milhouse: All right, then. Good. I like my job.
  • Mayor Quimby: Principal Skinner, thanks for winning us the steel contract.
  • Principal Skinner: That's okay, sir.
  • Mayor Quimby: You pick up the last girder, then back here.

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