Mr. Burns tells Nelson and Jimbo to be careful with their explosive loads.


  • Mr. Burns as Zorran
  • Nelson as Zebedee
  • Jimbo as Zak
  • Fat Tony as Captain Zero (Mentioned)
  • Frank Grimes as Bluenose (Mentioned)
  • Itchy as Kraka-Toa (Mentioned)


  • Mayor Quimby (Narrating): The B-Stacks were in Shelbyville at the Munitions Factory. They were there to collect explosives for the navy. It was a very dangerous operation, but worth a great deal of money to Fat Tony, who had put Mr. Burns in charge.
  • Mr. Burns: Now listen, you two. Towing this lot's the tricky bit. Jimbo, move up first.
  • Jimbo: Right.
  • Mr. Burns: Go slow and don't take any nonsense from the Springfield Mob. Show them explosives don't scare us. If they come too close, just...
  • Jimbo: Blow them up!
  • Mr. Burns: Yeah, but with your hooter, dummy. No silly games, okay? You don't have to be that brave.
  • Jimbo: Okay, Mr. Burns, sir.
  • Mr. Burns: And watch out for the naval twerp, Frank Grimes. Your job is to deliver that cargo directly to naval agent, Itchy. If Frank gives you different orders, ignore him and refer him to me! Just keep it steady! Keep flying that Danger Flag! Nelson, next!
  • Nelson: But Frank Grimes told me he was in charge, and that I must obey orders.
  • Mr. Burns: You are, mine, remember that!
  • Nelson: I'll remember that, Mr. Burns, sir.
  • Mr. Burns: Eat your heart out, Springfield Stacks! This trip's worth 20 garbage cans, passenger trips, or steel tows, he, if we don't get blown up. Right, easy does it.

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