Ned Flanders finds Snake Jailbird's hiding place. Snake tries to escape, but Nelson stops him.


  • Nelson as Zebedee
  • Snake Jailbird as Johnny Cuba
  • Ned Flanders as Hercules


  • Nelson: Hello, Mr. Jailbird, sir.
  • Snake: Well, well, well, It's Nelson, back again. Keep doing as Snake Jailbird tells you, and you'll come to no harm, you with me?
  • Nelson: Uh, yes, Mr. Jailbird. The wind's stopping...
  • Snake: Right. There's a few other little things I want you to do for me before we go. Now listen, this is what...
  • (Ned Flanders whistles)
  • Nelson: Oh, oh, it's Ned Flanders!
  • Ned Flanders: Hello, what's going on here? Oh yes, Nelson. And where are you taking our friend, the well-known Snake Jailbird, eh?
  • Nelson: Oh, well, I, uh, um...
  • Snake: What's it to you, Springfielder?
  • Ned Flanders: We know you, Snake. Up to no good. We'll hand him over to the Authorities, Nelson. They may like to have a word with him.
  • Snake: No, you don't!
  • Nelson: Oh, wait a minute!
  • Mayor Quimby (Narrating): The gangster tried to back up, but collided with Nelson.
  • Nelson: You're not going anywhere!
  • Mayor Quimby: Just to make sure, Nelson rammed into Snake Jailbird, trapping him against the keyside.
  • Ned Flanders: Well, done, Nelson. Come on, let's take him in.
  • Snake: I'll break your arms for this one! They can't hold Snake Jailbird!
  • Mayor Quimby (Narrating): The Authorities did hold Snake Jailbird, and gave official thanks to Nelson and Ned.

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