Legs and Louie talk to Mayor Quimby about selling Grandpa Abe.


  • Legs as Burke
  • Louie as Blair
  • Mayor Quimby as Captain Star
  • Grandpa Abe as OJ (Mentioned)


  • Mayor Quimby (Narrating): Legs and Louie had a second go at me. Oh, they never give up.
  • Louie: Ah, Mayor Quimby.
  • Mayor Quimby: What?
  • Louie: About Abe, that ancient body of his is finished, and so is he, isn't he, Legs?
  • Legs: We answered around our graveyard, watching our staff kill off old people. Do we, Louie?
  • Louie: Always on the lookout for who's next to go. That's our business, and Abe's top of our list.

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