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  • Mr. Burns and Jimbo Jones meet Bumblebee Man.


  • Mr. Burns as Zorran
  • Jimbo Jones as Zak
  • Bumblebee Man as Izzy Gomez
  • Fat Tony as Captain Zero


  • Mr. Burns: Well, look what the bee brought in, Bumblebee Man. Ha!
  • Bumblebee Man: Hey, you guys, I need a tow.
  • Jimbo Jones: We don't accept bananas as payment.
  • Bumblebee Man: Eh, big shots. You towing Emily or something?
  • Mr. Burns: What do you know about it, you South American waste of skin?
  • Bumblebee Man: What I know, I sit around waiting for nobody to tow me, Emily, she come in this morning, suddenly, everybody busy.
  • Jimbo Jones: That Emily isn't due till' this afternoon.
  • Mr. Burns: Shut up, Dinky Brain! Come on!
  • Bumblebee Man: Hey, hey, what a day. I gotta get a tow and unload these bananas.
  • Fat Tony: You sure about this?
  • Mr. Burns: Seen it with my own eyes.
  • Jimbo Jones: Yeah, we both seen it.
  • Fat Tony: Couldn't have better. Now I want that contract, and you are going to get it for me.
  • Mr. Burns: Yes, sir!

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