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Bart, Lenny and Carl notice a fire and Bart tells Chief Wiggum that he'll be late to help.


  • Bart as Top Hat
  • Lenny as Frank
  • Carl as Eddie
  • Milhouse as Sunshine
  • Chief Wiggum as Fire Tug


  • Carl: Someone's having a Springfield celebration!
  • Bart: Oh no, if there was a party, I would have been invited!
  • Lenny: Perhaps they don't need a kid with a red shirt.
  • (Lenny & Carl laugh)
  • Bart: Very droll. Certainly wouldn't want low-lifes like you there. (Siren blares) Hey, what's that?
  • Chief Wiggum: Emergency! Emergency! Leave them and follow on, Bart, might need all hands!
  • Milhouse: Yeah, follow on, Bart! Fire at the old school!
  • Bart: I'd love to join you, but these two are in a right state.
  • Carl: Always our fault, eh, Lenny?
  • Lenny: Never is, eh, Carl?
  • Carl: You could take us along. Love to see a fire.
  • Bart: The only fire you're going to see, I can tell you this for a fact, is the one I will set to your feet if you don't get a move on!
  • Lenny & Carl: Oh...
  • Bart: Now!

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