Mr. Smithers catches Sideshow Bob with his quaratine flags down and tells Mr. Burns that he's infected.


  • Mr. Smithers as The Coast Guard
  • Mr. Burns as Zorran
  • Sideshow Bob as Nantucket
  • Legs as Burke
  • Louie as Blair


  • Mr. Smithers: Hey! Hey! Sideshow Bob! I left you with your quarantine flags up! Where are they, eh? Eh? You're breaking the law, you're under arrest. Get those flags up again, and fast!
  • Mr. Burns: What this? I didn't know he was quarantined, officer. No flags were flying at all, as you just saw.
  • Mr. Smithers: Well, that's pure bad luck, Mr. Burns. Whether you knew or not makes no difference. You're infected!
  • Mr. Burns: But I'm innocent! I'm completely innocent!
  • Mr. Smithers: Get Quarantine Flags up, right now, Monty!
  • Mr. Burns: You're a real villain, Sideshow Bob, you know that?
  • Sideshow Bob: I wanted to get into town, Didn't I?
  • Mr. Burns: Yeah, and now I might get Microbonic Plague.
  • Louie: Legs, I think there might be some spots on Mr. Burns.
  • Legs: I think you're right, Louie. We'll come back and check for illness later.
  • Mayor Quimby (Narrating): Homer would have been in quarantine if it hadn't been for Abe, and Abe would have been killed if it hadn't been for Homer. As for Mr. Burns, he saw out his full term.

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