Snake arrives at Springfield and tells Nelson to do some things for him.


  • Snake Jailbird as Johnny Cuba
  • Mr. Smithers as The Coast Guard
  • Nelson as Zebedee


  • Mayor Quimby (Narrating): Snake Jailbird had stopped, waiting till' he wasn't seen.
  • Snake Jailbird: Nobody in sight. That's what I like. Time to slip in closer to Springfield, and, uh, he he, meet my business details. He he.
  • Mayor Quimby (Narrating): Uh, Snake's Idea of a, business partner, was like himself, a gangster.
  • Mr. Smithers: Ahoy there! Coming through! Customs Inspection! You are within city limits! I'm coming aboard! Hey! Watch out! What you doing? You better..." (Snake Slams Mr. Smithers) "Oh! Ow!
  • Snake Jailbird: Eh, Sorry mate, the wind must have blown me off course! (Laughs evilly)
  • Mayor Quimby (Narrating): Nelson was out, as he'd been told, looking for people that might need help. Anything that might please Fat Tony.
  • Nelson: Ah, Snake Jailbird. Oh, dear.
  • Snake Jailbird: Well, well, well, Fat Tony's little Nelson.
  • Nelson: Hello, Snake, I mean, uh, Mr. Jailbird.
  • Snake Jailbird: Eh, good day. Nice to see you. Listen, uh, do something for me.
  • Nelson: Do, uh...
  • Snake Jailbird: Slip me into Springfield so I'm not breaking the law, right? I'll see, all right?
  • Nelson: I'd love to, sir. Honest, I would, but...
  • Snake Jailbird: No ifs, no buts, Nelson! I need a tow right now. The wind's making me angry. Upsetting me plans.
  • Nelson: Sorry, sir, b-b-b-but you see, Fat Tony's given me other orders.
  • Snake Jailbird: Listen to me, kid. Tony owes me, you understand, so don't get funny or you'll be in deep trouble, and I do mean deep!
  • Mayor Quimby (Narrating): The gangster told Nelson to tow him to the old building that hadn't been used for years, where he arranged to meet his criminal friends.
  • Nelson: I don't like it here. It's out of bounds for shipping.
  • Snake Jailbird: Too bad. Now I need food right away, and be quick about it, or I'll break your arms!
  • Nelson: You mean steal it?
  • Snake Jailbird: Did I say 'steal'? Just get it when nobody's looking.
  • Nelson: Yes sir, right away, sir.
  • Snake Jailbird: And don't try anything funny, or you'll find yourself at the bottom of the town with cement in your feet! (Laughs evilly)

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