• Bart as Fizzy Orange
  • Milhouse as Puppy Purple
  • Herman as Grumbly Green
  • Homer as Royal Blue
  • Lisa as Princess Powder Blue
  • Captain McCallister as Sailor Blue
  • Chief Wiggum as Constable Blue The Police Blob
  • Martin as Mousy Brown
  • Sherri/Terri as Piggy Pink
  • Maude as Primrose Yellow
  • Selma as Inky Black
  • David (from Treehouse of Horror XVI) as Ghostly White
  • Sideshow Bob as Chocolate Brown
  • Marge as Poppy Red
  • Poochie as Rainbow Blob
  • Scratchy as Grubby Grey
  • Fat Tony as Giant Blob
  • Jasper as Floury White
  • Ralph as Canary Yellow
  • Wendell as Spotty Blob
  • Grampa as Vincent Van Blob
  • Greyhound Puppies (from Two Dozen and One Greyhounds) as The Blob Cats

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