Version One (Do not delete)

  • Homer as Grug
  • Lisa as Eep
  • Barney as Guy (both are ironic)
  • Marge as Ugga
  • Bart as Thunk (both are gets in trouble)
  • Maggie as Sandy (both are babies)
  • Mona Simpson as Gran
  • Ralph Wiggum as Belt

​Version Two (Do not delete)

  • Principal Skinner as Grug
  • Marge as Eep
  • Homer as Guy (I know Homer is obesity)
  • Lisa as Ugga (both end names with A)
  • Ralph Wiggum as Thunk
  • Ling Bouvier as Sandy
  • Jacqueline Bouvier as Gran
  • Bart as Belt (they both starts with B; both are energetic and happy)

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