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  • Homer as Mr. Burns
  • Marge as Edna Krabapple
  • Maude Flanders as Lucille Botz
  • Ned Flanders as Sideshow Bob
  • Barney as Frank Grimes
  • Principal Skinner as Snakes
  • Grandpa Abe as Fat Tony
  • Bart as Nelson Muntz
  • Lisa as Jessica Lovejoy
  • Sea Captain as Jimbo Jones
  • Lenny as Kearny
  • Carl as Dolph
  • Chief Wiggum as Cecil Terwilliger
  • Mr. Smithers as Frank Gimes Jr.
  • Sideshow Mel as Russ Cargill
  • Crushed Persion (from The Simpsons Movie) as Rex Banner
  • Colin as Dexter Colt
  • Kent Brockman as Hank Scorpio
  • Darcy as Judge Constance Harm

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