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Not all parodies are the same, but most of them are similar, like Homer as Thomas, Bart as Percy, Marge as Emily and Mayor Quimby as Sir Topham Hatt. Here's a list:


  • Thomas = Homer/Bart/Lenny/Ned Flanders/Milhouse/Principal Skinner/Chief Wiggum/Carl/Ten Cents (from TUGS)/Sonic (from Sonic)/Mario (from Mario)/RS Mr. Conductor (from Shining Time Station) (Just stick with Homer or Bart as Thomas in The Simpsons/Thomas! Not Lenny or anyone else, just Homer or Bart!)
  • Edward = Ned Flanders/Mr. Smithers/Reverend Lovejoy/Principal Skinner/Lenny/Homer/Grandpa Abe/Barney Gumble/Hercules (from TUGS)/Uncle Chuck (from Sonic)/Luigi (from Mario)
  • Henry = Barney/Homer/Kirk Van Houten/Lenny/Carl/Principal Skinner/Yes Guy/Bart/Milhouse
  • Gordon = Principal Skinner/Homer/Moe/Grandpa Abe/Bart/Lenny/Carl/Milhouse/Barney Gumble (Mr. Burns can't be Gordon; Mr. Burns is an antagonist and Gordon is a protagonist)
  • James = Moe/Bart/Mr. Smithers/Lenny/Grandpa Abe/Milhouse/Homer/Carl/Principal Skinner (Nelson Muntz can't be James, Nelson Muntz is an antagonist, James is a protagonist)
  • Percy = Bart/Lenny/Milhouse/Carl/Barney/Homer/Todd Flanders/Kyle Broflovski (from South Park)/Ned Flanders
  • Toby = Grandpa Abe/The Music Teacher/Professor Frink/Reverend Lovejoy/Ned Flanders/Homer/Bart/Milhouse
  • Duck = Mr. Smithers/Lenny/Carl/Bart/Homer/Rod Flanders
  • Donald = Lenny/Carl/Groundskeeper Willie/Gravedigger Billy/Lou
  • Douglas = Carl/Lenny/Gravedigger Billy/Groundskeeper Willy/Eddie
  • Oliver = Chief Wiggum/Martin/Lenny/Carl/Homer/Bart/Milhouse/Principal Skinner
  • Diesel = Mr. Burns/Sideshow Bob/Fat Tony/Nelson (Homer and Bart can't be Diesel, Homer and Bart are protagonist, Diesel is an antagonist)
  • BoCo = Dr. Hibbert/Kent Brockman/Yes Guy/Homer/Principal Skinner
  • Daisy = Jessica Lovejoy/Edna Krabappel/Marge/Lisa/Agnes Skinner/Sherri/Terri
  • Mavis = Allison Taylor/Launne Van Houten/Lisa/Marge/Helen Lovejoy
  • Emily = Marge/Lisa/Maude Flanders/Edna Krabappel/Maggie
  • Rosie = Lisa/Marge/Maggie/Maude Flanders
  • Sir Topham Hatt = Mayor Quimby/Principal Skinner/Stan Marsh (from South Park)/Moe/Mario (from Mario)
  • Spencer = Superindent Chlamers/Snake Jailbird/Mr. Burns/Fat Tony/Sideshow Bob/Groundskeeper Willy (Bart can't be Spencer, Bart is a protagonist, Spencer is an antagonist)
  • Stepney = John/Mr. Smithers/Bart/Millhouse/Homer/Slideshow Mel/Dr. Hibbert
  • Bertie = Sideshow Mel/Bart/Milhouse/Ned Flanders/Mr. Smithers/Puffa (from TUGS)
  • Salty = The Sea Captain
  • Fergus = Dr. Marvin Monroe/Mr. Smithers
  • Skarloey = Lou/Rod Flanders
  • Rhenas = Eddie/Todd Flanders
  • Sir Handel = Stan (From American Dad)/Superintendent Chalmers/Moe
  • Peter Sam = Steve (From American Dad)/Wendell/Martin Prince
  • Rusty = Reverend Lovejoy/Slideshow Mel
  • Duncan = Groundskeeper Willy/Snake Jailbird/Nelson
  • Diesel 10 = Snake Jailbird/Sideshow Bob/Mr. Burns/Fat Tony/Nelson/Leopold/The Homer Imposter (Homer can't be Diesel 10; Homer is a protagonist and Diesel 10 is an antagonist)
  • Murdoch = Herb/Principal Skinner/Mr. Smithers/Grandpa Abe/Professor Frink/Reverend Lovejoy
  • Hank = Yes Guy/Homer/Apu/Herb/Principal Skinner/Barney
  • Molly = Maude Flanders/Launne Van Houten/Lisa/Marge

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