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  • Grandpa Abe as Toby
  • Professor Frink as Trevor (Cameo Role)
  • Bart as Percy
  • Stan Marsh (from South Park) as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Herman as Bulstrode
  • Robots (from Sonic) as Troublesome Trucks
  • Toad (from Mario) as Toby's Driver
  • Yoshi (from Mario) as Percy's Driver
  • Fergus (from Thomas & Friends) as The Man
  • The Workmen as Themselves
  • George Carlin as The Narrator


  • George Carlin: Grandpa Abe was very excited. He was holding a brand-new bell that shone like gold. He was off to the seaside. Toad was explaining everything as they travelled along.
  • Toad: There's a seaside village near here. And every year, they have a big parade, with a special attraction for all the visitors. This year, Abe, you're the special attraction.
  • Grandpa Abe: Thank you, sir.
  • George Carlin: Said Abe.
  • Grandpa Abe: But what does a special attraction do?
  • Toad: Oh, just smiles and whistles at everyone.
  • George Carlin: Replied Toad.
  • Toad: We're almost there. Listen, you can hear the seagulls.
  • George Carlin: Soon, they reached the little station by the village, but instead of a big welcome, there was just one traction engine. He whispered to Toad and turned sadly away.
  • Toad: Well, if that doesn't take the biscuit!
  • George Carlin: Said Toad.
  • Toad: They've run out of room in the parade and don't need a special attraction after all. We've got to go home, Abe. I'm sorry, old boy.
  • Grandpa Abe: Eh, so am I.
  • George Carlin: Sighed Abe. Bart was working at the nuclear plant. He didn't expect to see Abe.
  • Bart: What are you doing back so soon?
  • George Carlin: Before Abe could reply, Stan Marsh arrived.
  • Stan Marsh: Leave these robots here, Bart. There's an emergency at the harbor.
  • Yoshi: Come on, Bart
  • George Carlin: Said Yoshi.
  • Yoshi: This will be trouble with Herman.
  • Bart: Who's Herman?
  • George Carlin: Wondered Bart. He was still surprised about Abe, and now he had two puzzles to sort out. Yoshi explained.
  • Yoshi: Herman is a disagreeable war antiques store owner. He never stops complaining.
  • George Carlin: Yoshi was right about Herman. Today, the war antiques store owner was more bad-tempered than ever.
  • Herman: Come on, come on, (hiccup) why aren't you robots where you should be?
  • Robots: There's no human, and we can only go where we're put!
  • George Carlin: Shouted the robots.
  • Robots: You're in the wrong place, not us!
  • George Carlin: When Bart arrived, Herman was sulking and the robots were crosser still.
  • Robots: Our stone is for Herman. Please put us in a siding, so that we can load him up and be rid of him!
  • George Carlin: But the robots were being careless. As Bart was lining them up, they burst through the door.
  • Robots: Help! Help!
  • George Carlin: They wailed. But it was too late!
  • Herman: Oh!
  • George Carlin: Cried Herman.
  • Herman: I'm sinking!
  • Robots: Serves you right!
  • George Carlin: Giggled the robots.
  • Robots: You were always barging in and moaning!
  • George Carlin: It took a very long time to clear the mess. Bart watched as Herman was towed to the beach.
  • Workmen: There you are!
  • George Carlin: Said the workmen.
  • Workmen: Now you can just stay here. Children can play with you all day, and at long last, you'll be useful.
  • Herman: Ugh...
  • George Carlin: When Bart got home, he and Abe exchanged all their news.
  • Grandpa Abe: Well, we both had some seaside surprises today.
  • George Carlin: Laughed Abe.
  • Grandpa Abe: But Toad says that I'm a special attraction anyway, and so are you. Every time we go on our own line.
  • Bart: What do you mean?
  • George Carlin: Asked Bart.
  • Grandpa Abe: Well, all we have to do is smile and whistle at everyone!

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