Here's a Simpsons/Thomas parody of the ending of the episode, Tenders & Turntables. Principal Skinner, Moe and Barney make a plan to go on strike and make Stan Marsh look silly.


  • Principal Skinner as Gordon
  • Moe as James
  • Barney as Henry
  • Ringo Starr as The Narrator


  • Ringo Starr: That night, the three men had an indignation meeting.
  • Principal Skinner, Moe and Barney: It's shameful to treat big men like this. Principal Skinner has to go backwards and people think he's a Simpson. Moe spins round like a top and everyone laughs at us. And to add to that, Stan Marsh makes us work in dirty bars. Ugh!
  • Principal Skinner: Listen.
  • Ringo Starr: Said Principal Skinner. He whispered something to the others.
  • Principal Skinner: We'll do it tomorrow. Stan Marsh will look silly.
  • Ringo Starr: The men had decided to go on strike.

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