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Cast of Characters

Recurring Cast:

  • Homer as Thomas
  • Moe as James
  • Principal Skinner - Gordon
  • Barney as Henry
  • Ned Flanders - Edward
  • Bart as Percy
  • Abe as Toby
  • Sideshow Mel as Bertie
  • Mater (from Cars) as Terence
  • Patty and Selma as Annie and Clarabel
  • Stan Marsh (from South Park) as Sir Topham Hatt

New Cast:

  • Rod and Todd as Bill and Ben
  • Lenny and Carl as Donald and Douglas
  • Mr. Smithers - Duck
  • Mr. Burns - Diesel
  • Edna Krabappel as Daisy
  • Yes Guy as Boco
  • Disco Stu as Harold
  • Professor Frink as Trevor
  • Frank Grimes as The Spiteful Break Van


  • Ringo Starr as UK/US Narrator
  • George Carlin as US Narrator


  • Homer, Bart and the Donuts
  • Cows
  • Sideshow Mel's Chase
  • Saved from Fired
  • Old Smart Guy
  • Homer and Professor Frink
  • Bart and the Traffic Light
  • Mr. Smithers takes Charge
  • Bart and Disco Stu
  • The Chaseaway
  • Bart takes the Plunge
  • Pop Goes Mr. Burns
  • A Close Shave
  • Better Late Than Never
  • Frank Grimes
  • The Deputation
  • Homer Comes to Breakfast
  • Edna Krabappel
  • Bart's Predicament
  • The Yes Guy
  • Wrong Road
  • Ned Flanders's Exploits
  • Ghost Simpson
  • Woolly Bear
  • Homer and the Missing Christmas Tree

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