Homer Simpson, Krusty The Clown, Barney Gumble & Grampa Simpson Voiced By Dan Castellaneta.

Bart Simpson, Maggie Simpson & Nelson Muntz Voiced By Nancy Cartwright

Marge Simpson & Patty And Selma Voice By Julie Kavner

Lisa Simpson Voiced By Yeardley Smith

Milhouse Van Hounten Voiced By Pamela Hayden

Bugs Bunny Voiced By Jeff Bergman

Lola Bunny Voiced By Kristen Wiig

Sonic The Hedgehog Voiced By David Marks II

Miles"Tails"Prower Voiced By Jeff Marks

Mario Voiced By Jason Shearer

Luigi Voiced By Nate Schultz

Chuck E Cheese & Mr.Munch Voiced By Scott Wilson

Helen Henny Voiced By Karaisa McKinney

Jasper T Jowls & Pasqually Voiced By Bob West

Chalkboard Gag: Thank You Mr.Iwata Only One Word Bart Is Bow His Head And Eyes Closed And Smiles.

Couch Gag: Super Mario Bros Couch Gag   

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