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The Simpsons Movie is a 2006 American Animated Comedy Film based on the Animated Television Series The Simpsons. The Film was directed by David Silverman and stars the regular Television Cast of Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith, Hank Azaria, Harry Shearer, Phil Hartman, Doris Grau, Tress MacNeille, Pamela Hayden and Gilbert Gottfried.



Directed by David Silverman

Produced by James L. Brooks, Matt Groening, Al Jean, Bill Oakley, Mike Reiss, Richard Sakai, Mike Scully, Matt Selman, Sam Simon and Josh Weinstein

Screenplay by Richard Appel, Bob Bendetson, James L. Brooks, Mel Brooks, J. Stewart Burns, Bill Canterbury, Donick Cary, Dan Castellaneta, Daniel Chun, David X. Cohen, Joel H. Cohen, Jonathan Collier, Jennifer Crittenden, Kevin Curran, Greg Daniels, Larry Doyle, Chris Farley, Spike Feresten, Harvey Fierstein, Brent Forrester, Bill Freiberger, Diana Fresco, John Frink, Peter Gaffney, Stephanie Gillis, Ricky Gervais, Allen Glazier, Evan Goldberg, Ned Goldreyer, Rowby Goren, Dana Gould, Tom Grammill, Dan Greaney, Matt Groening, Ron Hauge, Phil Harnage, Reid Harrison, Phil Hartman, Al Jean, Ken Keeler, Brian Kelley, Billy Kimball, Mark Kirkland, Jay Kogen, Andrew Kreisberg, Bob Kushell, Deb Lacusta, Rob LaZebnik, Tim Long, Jeff Martin, Tom Martin, Ian Maxtone-Graham, Dan McGrath, George Meyer, David Mirkin, Frank Mula, Bill Oakley, Conan O'Brien, Steve O'Donnell, Bill Odenkirk, Bob Odenkirk, Carolyn Omine, Don Payne, Steve Pepoon, Mimi Pond, Michael Price, Max Pross, Rachel Pulido, Jim Reardon, Mike Reiss, David Richardson, Jace Richdale, Seth Rogen, Judy Rothman Rofe, David Sacks, Richard Sakai, Nell Scovell, Brian Scully, Mike Scully, Matt Selman, David Silverman, Sam Simon, David Spade, David M. Stern, Daniel Stern, Joshua Sternin, John Swartzwelder, Julie Thacker, Steve Tompkins, Jeffery Ventimilia, Patric Verrone, Jon Vitti, Matt Warburton, Josh Weinstein, Jeff Westbrook, Larry Wilmore, Marc Wilmore, Wallace Wolodarsky, William Wright, Steve Young and Shelley Zellman

Consultants Mike Myers, Harry Shearer, Dana Carvey, Al Franken and Jerry Seinfeld


  1. Richard Appel
  2. Bob Bendetson
  3. James L. Brooks
  4. Mel Brooks
  5. J. Stewart Burns
  6. Bill Canterbury
  7. Donick Cary
  8. Dan Castellaneta
  9. Daniel Chun
  10. David X. Cohen
  11. Joel H. Cohen
  12. Jonathan Collier
  13. Jennifer Crittenden
  14. Kevin Curran
  15. Greg Daniels
  16. Larry Doyle
  17. Chris Farley
  18. Spike Feresten
  19. Harvey Fierstein
  20. Brent Forrester
  21. Bill Freiberger
  22. Diana Fresco
  23. John Frink
  24. Peter Gaffney
  25. Stephanie Gillis
  26. Ricky Gervais
  27. Allen Glazier
  28. Evan Goldberg
  29. Ned Goldreyer
  30. Rowby Goren
  31. Dana Gould
  32. Tom Grammill
  33. Dan Greaney
  34. Matt Groening
  35. Ron Hauge
  36. Phil Harnage
  37. Reid Harrison
  38. Phil Hartman
  39. Al Jean
  40. Ken Keeler
  41. Brian Kelley
  42. Billy Kimball
  43. Mark Kirkland
  44. Jay Kogen
  45. Andrew Kreisberg
  46. Bob Kushell
  47. Deb Lacusta
  48. Rob LaZebnik
  49. Tim Long
  50. Jeff Martin
  51. Tom Martin
  52. Ian Maxtone-Graham
  53. Dan McGrath
  54. George Meyer
  55. David Mirkin
  56. Frank Mula
  57. Bill Oakley
  58. Conan O'Brien
  59. Steve O'Donnell
  60. Bill Odenkirk
  61. Bob Odenkirk
  62. Carolyn Omine
  63. Don Payne
  64. Steve Pepoon
  65. Mimi Pond
  66. Michael Price
  67. Max Pross
  68. Rachel Pulido
  69. Jim Reardon
  70. Mike Reiss
  71. David Richardson
  72. Jace Richdale
  73. Seth Rogen
  74. Judy Rothman Rofe
  75. David Sacks
  76. Richard Sakai
  77. Nell Scovell
  78. Brian Scully
  79. Mike Scully
  80. Matt Selman
  81. David Silverman
  82. Sam Simon
  83. David Spade
  84. David M. Stern
  85. Daniel Stern
  86. Joshua Sternin
  87. John Swartzwelder
  88. Julie Thacker
  89. Steve Tompkins
  90. Jeffery Ventimilia
  91. Patric Verrone
  92. Jon Vitti
  93. Matt Warburton
  94. Josh Weinstein
  95. Jeff Westbrook
  96. Larry Wilmore
  97. Marc Wilmore
  98. Wallace Wolodarsky
  99. William Wright
  100. Steve Young
  101. Shelley Zellman

Parodies (Don't delete, but you can add some more)

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  2. The Simpsons Movie/Rugrats
  3. The Simpsons Movie/Spongebob
  4. The Simpsons Movie/Tekken
  5. The Simpsons Movie/Mega Man X
  6. The Simpsons Movie/Winnie The Pooh
  7. The Simpsons Movie/Mickey Mouse
  8. The Simpsons Movie/Alvin and the Chipmunks

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