The Simpsons Family goes to the museum, suddenly Smithers and his boss mr. Burns steels the eight diamonds from the museum, the Simpsons joins there friends and stop Smithers and mr. Burns.

Includes Bits: 8Bit, 16Bit and 32Bit

Liked make of gameplay Sega Master System, NES, SNES, Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, Game Boy Color, Sega Saturn, PSX/PS1 and Nintendo 64.


  1. One Player
  2. Two Players
  3. Three Players
  4. Four Players

Playable Characters

  1. Homer Simpson
  2. Marge Simpson
  3. Lisa Simpson
  4. Bart Simpson
  5. Milhouse Van Houten
  6. Nelson Muntz
  7. Jimbo Jones
  8. Apu
  9. Edna
  10. Seymor Skinner
  11. Comic Book Guy
  12. Duffman


  1. Springfiled Forset
  2. Seaside Spring
  3. Island Jungle
  4. Desert Land
  5. Tricky Red Mountains
  6. Casino Spin Turner
  7. Fun Ride Land
  8. Rainy Escape
  9. Crystal Cave
  10. Crystal Tomb
  11. Icy Frost Land
  12. Winter Forset
  13. Clear Grass Forset
  14. Mr Burns' Castle


Games just like Bart vs the space mutants, bart's nightmare and Virtual Bart

Soundtrack from the title screen the Simpsons theme, select player is from the theme sonic chaos. Levels comes for 20 zones.

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