Lance Guintu as Tommy Pickles

Timmy Stropky as Chuckie Finster

Jibril Franco as Phil DeVille

Delicia Gomez as Lil DeVille

Jack Sobotka as Ty Mcnutty

Nico Clark as Dil Pickles

Daniel Cruz-Negrete as Timmy McNutty

Rodelio Guintu as Stu Pickles

Alexa Marston as Angelica Pickles

Jourdan Sockey as Grandpa Lou

Voice Cast

Lance Guintu as E.G Daily

Timmy Stropky as Christine Cavanaugh and Nancy Cartwright

Jibril Franco and Dede Gomez as Kath Soucie

Alexa Marston as Cheyl Chase

Buster as Bruce Williams (Rugrats Go Wild Only!)

Nico Clark as Tara Strong

Megan as Dionne Quan (Rugrats In Paris the Movie Only!)

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