The Skinner Thing is an episode of Season 22 of The Simpsons. This episode focuses on Principal Skinner (althrough his voice is different, he sounds like Stan Smith from American Dad).


The episode begins with Principal Skinner parodying the American Dad intro, then a group of tough kids wreck havoc while Edna watches in the school then Skinner walks up telling the people to settle down. During the Hall Meeting, Jimbo, Dolph and Kearney decide to build a road track from the school to Shelbyville Junk using Concrete, Metal, etc and fold Principal Skinner like a cardboard box and put him into the cardboard box (with a rocket on it's back) and launch him from here to the Shelbyville Junk.


  • American Dad references:
    • Skinner's singing voice sounds like Stan Smith from American Dad in the beggining of he episode.
    • Skinner starting his day is a parody of the American Dad intro.
    • Roger appears at the end of the episode.
  • This is the second regular Simpsons episode without a blackboard joke, lisa's solo nor Couch Gag. The first being Sideshow Bob Roberts.
  • The Simpsons do not appear in this episode.

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