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 Sly Cooper is a racoon who is family and heir to the Cooper Family leagecy. As a child Sly grew up learning the tricks of his family. The family had a book called the Thievius Raccoonus which contained the Cooper's tricks, it is said that anyone who read the book became a master thief. On the night Sly was to inheirt the book a group called The Fiendish Five came to his home killed his father and left him alive. They split the book into five pieces and fled into different locations of the world. Sly was put in the Happy Camper Orphan Home. There he met his two life long friends Bentely and Murry. Togethor they pulled some difficult jobs. One cop wanted to catch Sly her name is Carmiletia Fox. She tracked Sly down during many of his jobs,although it is clear that Sly has a crush on her. Once Sly was ready he and his gang were ready to get revenge on The Fiendish Five. Their first target was The Fiendish Five's machinist, Sir Raleigh the Frog. Sly and His crew defeated the dirty frog and gathered a piece of the family book. Their next target was a Muggshot who was the muscle for The Fiendish Five.

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