PlaystationTalez's movie-spoof of 1996 Disney film "The Hunchback of Notre Dame".


  • Quasimodo- Sly Cooper (Sly Cooper) 
  • Esmeralda- Lili Rochefort (Tekken) 
  • Frollo- Jinpachi Mishima (Tekken) 
  • Captain Phoebus- Marshall Law (Tekken) 
  • Clopin- Yoshimitsu (Tekken) 
  • Victor- Bentley (Sly Cooper) 
  • Hugo- Murray (Sly Cooper) 
  • Laverne- Tigress (Kung Fu Panda) 
  • The Archdeacon- Owl (Pooh) 
  • Achilles- Horton (Horton Hears a Who!) 
  • Djali- Pooka (Anastasia) 
  • Guard Leader(s)- Fulgore and Spinal (Killer Instinct 2/Gold) 
  • Torturer- Gaston (Beauty and the Beast) 
  • Quasimodo's Mother- Krystal (Star Fox) 
  • Gypsies in Beginning of film- Fairy Godmother (Shrek 2), Lord Rothbart (The Swan Princess), and Max (Cats Don't Dance) 
  • Bird with Quasimodo- Young Blu (Rio) 
  • Miller- Forest Law (Tekken) 

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