• Don: [carrys a box full of beer drinks & popcorn bags] So, how long am I gonna carry those box full of beer drinks & popcorn bags?
  • Smash: Tscha! Can your moment get any worse? (chuckles)
  • Don: (confused) Um... eh? No.
  • Smash: [his face is next by to Don's face] Well, you can get that moment if [points his fingers to Don's face] you mention about everything that happen.
  • Don: [pushes Smash's face with both wheels & Smash's face bleed & mushes his face, Smash moans, the shadow of Don comes right up to Smash, Smash looks at Don] (furious) Now, look. I don't care if you wanted to throw Allen's beer party ever. You don't drink beer unless you tell Allen until -- he tells you too. [Smash confessed, sighs]
  • Smash: Holy crap dude!

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