Nowhere of the locker room & the library room, Pointdexter Dorkface III walk in the hallway in school, he is seen carrying a suitcase.Smash runs & yells, jumps in the air & grabs a gun, the gun clicks.

  • Smash: [holding a gun up with his hands] Hold that pose. Where do you think you're going, huh?
  • Poindexter: [unamused] It's Poindexter Dorkface III. And, [angry] What do you think you're doing?
  • Smash *sweatdrop* Oh, [puts his gun in his pocket, then blushes] um... [confused] where are you going?
  • Poindexter: (sighs) Going down to the princpal's office. [walks away to Smash, then, Smash holds on to Poindexter's leg]
  • Smash: Wait... wait.. wait... wait. Why? What happened?
  • Poindexter: [groans angrily] I beat up Mr. Uppity & teh other students in town. [Smash is shocked how Poindexter Dorkface III feels, the Psycho soundtrack, then Smash sweats, the music stops, then Smash lets off Poindexter's leg]
  • Smash: Wait a second. If you killed more people in town, then, you... [points his fingers, closeup] get expelled for four months.
  • Poindexter: [calculating numbers on his chest] 30.79 to 1, give or take, 3%
  • Smash: Um... maybe you can have another that you can be friends in school. Like Rockety Rocket, Lemon Lenny, Fuzzy Fred, Dennis, The Puppy-it-knows, Rabbit, Droopy, Mr. Toad, Dorothy, Planet Sully, Friendly Jack, Kayla, Eric, Brian, Ringo Bangor, Ringo Rango, Timmy, Dr. Turtle, the Notekins, and all of the friends in this town district.
  • Poindexter: [uncomfortably] Uh... Thanks.
  • Smash: You're..... welcome?
  • Poindexter: (confused) Um... Actually, why are you telling me you think I was making new friends in this school?
  • Smash: Well, [he looks to left down to his eyes, then lefts] it's just that moment... Heh... You know? Making friends?

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