Smash walks to his room and opens his door, go to his room, then shuts the door, he sits down on his chair

  • Smash: Hmm... since I got my computer, I can go on to Beavis and Butt-head so I can watch episodes. Where was I? On Netflix? Oh, well... I will watch it. a-ha! This episode is called "Door to Door". I like this episode. I will watch it.

The black background & white text saying "After Smash watched this episode" appears.

  • Butt-Head: Huh Huh, furrier than who? Huh Huh. [Smash drinks his juice box]
  • Beavis: Heh Heh, Yeah Heh Heh
  • van Driesson: Who can tell me how they kill these poor little animals that they use to make those furs? Anybody?
  • Daria: Anal electrocution?
  • van Driesson: That's correct.
  • Allen: [voice only] Smash, can you come here for one second, please?
  • Smash: (groans) What did Allen want from me? [Smash walks sadly slower to Allen, angry, Allen holds a newspaper in his left hand]
  • Allen: Smash, I need to tell you something very important.
  • Smash: Well, hurry up. I'm trying to watch Beavis and Butt-head.

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