The Society of Shadow's is an Evil Organsation that was created and lead by Oldkid the Darkside of Nukid. Not much is known about the group yet although it is the main Enemies of the Triple Author Team, Team Ryche.

Main Members

The main few that serve as Oldkid's personal killing group who then recruit the newer and more ameteur criminals to do the dirty work. These have all gained some new power under unknwon means, but it has caused the deaths of thousands, and has dubbed this part of the Society as 'The Bloody Shadows'.


The Darkside of Roscoso, Ozzy was forced to join by Oldkid to keep the Pokemorph Sanctuary safe. Ozzy was given a new unknown power before fighting Team Ryche with the Society of Shadow's, but has been given the task to kill Roscoso by any cause. Despite this Ozzy is the less bloodthirsty of the Main Member's usually letting his teammates handle the killing, only killing if needed. Because Oldkid works for Drake right now. Ozzy has to be extra careful since if Drake or worse Killer Rose finds out where he is, he is a Dead Man.

Agent Smith

A rogue program from the Matrix System. It was thought that Agent Smith had been Destroyed by Neo. However he somehow survived and was found by Oldkid and was even given a body to walk in the human world. Although how he met Oldkid is unknown.


The legendary thief from Gotham City, who has been recruited by Oldkid for the pure purpose of being promised wealth beyond her dreams. She uses her famous spiked whip and claws to tear away at any opponent, although she has bragged on about some new power that Oldkid has gifted her with as 'payment in advance'. She is also no afraid of using her femine charms to seduce her enemies, and has taken an interest in X Prodigy.


A former Akatuski member and follower of the Jashin religion, after seemingly been killed by Shikamaru Nara, he was revived by Oldkid and was granted with powers that were said to only be given to a High Jashin Priest and now serves Oldkid as his employee and personal bodyguard.


A former Akatsuki that was killed by Naruto Uzumaki, after being saved by Catwoman and the Meta, he has now found a way to make him practically immortal that only Oldkid knows the construction of, he now has been twisted to have a greater lusting for money and a sick desire to collect the hearts of all those he has judged to be worthy.

The Joker

The psychotic killer that was beaten and arrested by Batman, but has broken out of Arkum Asylem numerous times. By unknown means, he was recruited by Oldkid and now has been freed to kill as many as he wants and is the brains behind the S.O.S's unique 'Labryinth Of Chaos' ideal. He also is rumoured to have had a boost in martial arts abilties and is eager to try it out on the unlucky few who make it past the other members.

Killer Croc

A mutated replitilian humanoid that is the heavy muscle of the Shadow Society, he is feral and destructive and has a very short temper, and thanks to Oldkids trainiung has become over 15 feet tall, and the desire to kill is almost overpowering. He also has a very limited control of water, and able to perfrom basic water jutsu, but when enraged he will abandon all reason for the soul desire to kill.




Sasuke Uchiha



Robots that where created for one simply purpose: Search and Destroy. They had razor sharp Tendrils. They can also fire laser's to damage enemies their most deadly way is to swarm with multiple numbers. How Oldkid got control of them is unknown although he probably got the way to build them from Agent Smith. They mostly patrol the Labyrinth of Chaos killing anyone that crosses their path.

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