Promotional image for the series.

The Sodor Sprite Series is an animated Thomas fan series on YouTube.


The Creator of the series, LTBME, started his first episode in summer 2010, which was the Railway Series version of Donald's Duck, which was never finished. In later 2010, he remade the Season 3 episode All At Sea. Little animation was used and it looked sloppy. After the episode was finished he tried doing the Railway Series story Resource and Sagacity, which was also never finished. In early summer 2012, he came back with a remake of the Season 5 episode Horrid Lorry, and later in 2012 made a non-animated redub of the Railway Series tale, Granpuff, which was intended to be part of a 4 story series, which was stopped after the voice actors lost interest. He also made an animated music video of Good Time by Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen, using PowerPoint to animate. In June 2013, he finally made the first official episode of the series, the Season 4 episode Special Funnel. The episode showed how much the animation had progressed, and he is currently working on another episode.


The episodes for Season 1 are as follows:

  • 1. Special Funnel (Link to the episode)
  • 2. Horrid Lorry
  • 3. Double Teething Troubles
  • 4. Bowled Out
  • 5. Toby's Discovery
  • 6. Stepney Gets Lost
  • 7. Duncan Gets Spooked
  • 8. Rusty And The Boulder
  • 9. Oliver's Find
  • 10. Bulldog
  • 11. You Can't Win
  • 12. Mind That Bike
  • 13. Fish
  • 14. Passengers And Polish
  • 15. Make Someone Happy
  • 16. Rusty Helps Peter Sam

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