The Space Warrior's is a Team that was founded by Roscoso before he joined the Author Fighter's, at first the only members where Ross, Kirby and Metaknight, but as time past they added, Omega and the Six Pokemorph's, Marissa, Michael, Alistair, Andy, Katie and Justin.

The Space Warrior's HQ is the flying Airship the Halberd, piloted by Metaknight and with an assortment of weapons is a very reliable ship.

Founding Member's


Leader of the Space Warrior's, the Deoxys Pokemorph and Guardian of the Life Aura's, Ross created the Space Warrior's when meeting Kirby and Metaknight in dreamland. After helping them fight one of NME Monsters. (NightMare Enterprise's) The Three of them formed the Space Warrior's. Since then they have added many members and made new friends, which included the Author Fighters.

Ross is a Deoxys Pokemorph so he knows a huge amount of Pokemon Attacks and Psychic Powers. He also can use the power of Chaos such as, Chaos Control and Chaos Blast.

Pokemon Form: Deoxys.

Pokemorph Form: Chaos Deoxys.

Super Pokemorph Form: Hyper Chaos Deoxys.

Kirby of the Stars

Kirby founded the Space Warrior's with Ross and Metaknight, When Ross visited Dreamland, he met Kirby and Metaknight and after helping them fight one of NME Monsters. (NightMare Enterprise's) The Three of them formed the Space Warrior's.

Kirby dosen't look like much but don't underestimate him, with his ballon like body he can suck in air to float in midair but his most dangerous power is his Inhale and Copy Abilities because of that Kirby has countless forms to use. His favourites are Fire and Sword Kirby.


Metaknight was one of the Last Star Warrior's before Kirby arrived he used to servd King Dedede but used to help Kirby fight the monster NME sent Dedede. When Ross arrived Metaknight could see he was a strong fighter and after helping Him and Kirby fight the monster formed the Space Warrior's.

Metaknight has much more experience fighting monsters than any other and with the powerful sword Galaxia, he is very tough to beat, he loves a good fight and tries to train Kirby to be the best star warrior ever.

He also was given the power of Kamen Rider Orga.

Recruited Members

Alistair the Rayquaza Pokemorph

Alistair was the First Member Recruited into the Space Warrior's, he was also a human when he was born living in Pacifilodge town when he saw a Rayquaza fighting against a Velgemon (Two guess on who it is) Velgemon won and nearly did fatal damage to Rayquaza, when Velgemon left Rayquaza turned himself in an emerald and fused with Alistair, turning him into a Pokemorph but fusion caused Alistair to faint but I found him and brought him onboard the Halberd, where after some quick intros he decided to join.

Alistair has Emerald Green Hair and Eye's he wear's a Green Sleeveless shirt, Black Jeans and White Trainers. Being a Rayquaza Pokemorph Gives Alistair a variety of Pokemon attacks and Master conrol of the winds.

Pokemon Form: Rayquaza.

Pokemorph Form: Kaze Rayquaza.

Super Pokemorph Form: Rage Kaze Rayquaza.

Kamen Rider: Kamen Rider Ibuki.

Alistair is voiced Daniel DeSanto who is Ray Kon from Beyblade.

Marissa the Kyorge Pokemorph

Marissa was the next member recruited unlike Ross, Andy and Alistair she was born as a pokemorph, when she reached her teenage years her powers started surfacing, around the same time Heartless started attacking her home town, with her new powers she was able to protect her town, when Ross, Kirby , Metaknight and Alistair showed up to help, Marissa wanted to do it herself until Ross saved her from a Bethmoth Heartless, with that They kicked the heartless out and after that Marissa joined the team. Although she never admitted it after Ross saved her she started to have a crush on him, she never said it out loud until before the battle at Lake Verity, after that Ross and Marissa decided to go steady.

Marissa usually has Dark Blue Hair, Aqua Eyes, and wears a Blue Shirt with a white dress that reaches her knees. Because of her Kyorge Powers she can use a variety of Water, Ice and even Electric attacks. She also can use the Pokemon and Pokemorph limits.

Pokemon Form: Kyorge.

Pokemorph Form: Aquos Kyorge.

Super Pokemorph Form: Whirlpool Aquos Kyorge.

She is voiced by Caitriona Murphy. Who voiced Hilary in Beyblade

Micheal the Groudon Pokemorph

Micheal was the next member recruited, like Marissa he was born a Pokemorph, when his family was killed by an unknown Darkside, he took his family's prized weapon the World Ender hammer, and begana quest of his own to find and destroy that darkside, while on his travels he competed in multiple fighting tournaments, to earn money, this caused him to love a strong fight, when he heard about the Author Fighter's he headed to where they where based to try and find some help while on his way he ran in my team, immedaitly sensing that Me, Michael and Marissa where Pokemorph's he decided to introduce himself. He was welcomed with open arms, and quickly joined up.

Micheal has Red Hair, Yellow Eyes, an Orange shirt with the sign of the Heat Badge on it, Red Shorts, and black trainers he also has white gloves. Since he is the Groudon Pokemorph he can do a variety of Fire and Ground attacks including the Solarbeam. He also can use the Pokemon and Pokemorph Limits.

Pokemon Form: Groudon.

Pokemorph Form: Volcanic Groudon.

Super Pokemorph Form: Killer Volcanic Groudon.

Micheal is voice by Gage Knox who voiced Max Tate from beyblade

E-123 Omega

Omega one of the most powerful Robots in history, Omega knew Ross the longest since he came from Ross's home dimension. He was sent to the new dimension along with Ross, but they got seperated, Omega was found by the FAF version of Juliet Gamer, Omega then joined up with Juliet until she joined the Author Fighter's, Omega then travelled the world until Emily the Celebi Pokemorph asked him to help Ross and deliver a Life Aura to him. Omega then helped Ross fight Darkrai again and then helped stop Darkrai from getting more of the Life Aura's. after Darkrai was freed from Missingo's control, Omega along with Andy joined the Space Warriors.

Omega being a machine is immune to any kind of mind tricks or Genjutsu, he also has a wide variety of Weapons and Equipment making him very useful, He can also fire tiny bolts of Chaos Energy due to being in contact with the Life Aura's.

Andy the Darkrai Pokemorph

Andy Harold was like Ross and Alistair was once a human until he was possesed by the Spirit of Darkrai along with Missingo, Missingo then used Andy to cause trouble for the Author Fighters and the Space Warrior's but when Ross, future Author Fighter and Space Warrior Chef Colette and even Drake Darkstar defeated Darkrai, Ross then entered Andy's mind and gave him bakc control. After that Andy first joined up with the Space Warrior's and even began rebuilding the Black Arms in hoping they can help the Author Fighter's fight Drake.

Another small fact is that Andy seems to be developing feelings for Lilith, Lucifer's Familiar.

Andy can use a variety of Dark and Ghost attack including the Dark Void. He can also use chaos control and can use the Pokemon and Pokemorph Limits.

Pokemon Form: Darkrai.

Pokemorph Form: Hellfire Darkrai.

Super Pokemorph Form: Kage Hellfire Darkrai.

He is voiced by David Reale who is Kai Hiwatari from Beyblade

Katie the Palkia Pokemorph

Katie was born with the Power's of the Palkia pokemorph. When she got older she was given a mission to help the Dialga Pokemorph with a mission. While trying to find him, she spotted Ross and Ozzy fighting, shortly after the fight, she appeared and sent Ozzy running. After that she joined the Space Warrior's. During the Christmas Party, when Team Fausts Tobi's prank caused Katie to be under a mistletoe with X prodigy, she was I think the first one to see X without his mask and immediately got love-struck however it's uknown if X Prodigy feels the same. This however has gotten the attention of X's Darkside Jack of Blades, who want to capture her for his own gains.

During the Webs of Deception Arc, when X met his old flame Spider-Girl, Katie got Jealous, but when Justin tried to comfort her, which unfortunatly led to a Pokemorph Frenzy, just like with Ross and Marissa. But this one caused Katie to get Pregnant. After that she put aside her feelings for X and decided to form a relationship with Justin.

Being a Palkia Pokemorph grants Katie a lot of power, She can use a variety of Water and Dragon attacks and also can use Pokemon and Pokemorph limits. Her best move is Spacial Rend.

Pokemon Form: Palkia.

Pokemorph Form: Mystic Palkia.

Super Pokemorph Form: Gravity Mystic Palkia.

Katie is voiced by Rachael Leigh Cook who is Tifa from Advent Children.

Justin the Dialga Pokemorph

Justin was the last Space Warrior member to join, he was sent by Arcues to fix a timeline incident shortly after Author's of time. Ozzy then used his mission to help Lucifer get Hikari by having Justin destroy Darkmagicianmon, however Ross managed to stop Justin by showing him what Lucifer did in the past. After that Justin joined up after Katie gave him the Adamant Orb. It was also revealed that Justin knew Kaito Ino, the father of Hikari Ino.

During the Webs of Deception Arc, when X met his old flame Spider-Girl, Katie got Jealous, but when Justin tried to comfort her, which unfortunatly led to a Pokemorph Frenzy, just like with Ross and Marissa. But this one caused Katie to get Pregnant. After that she put aside her feelings for X and decided to form a relationship with Justin. Justin had to try and deal with his feelings of becoming a father and took out his frustrations on X, which consequently led to Spider-Girl intervening, after a talk with X, both decided it was best for Katie to form a solid relationship with Justin, someone she could count on.

Justin can use a huge variety of Dragon and Steel attacks and has control over time itself.

Pokemon Form: Dialga.

Pokemorph Form: Berserker Dialga.

Super Pokemorph Form: Temporal Berserker Dialga.

Justin is voiced by Steve Burton, who is Cloud from Advent Children.

Chef Colette

Chef Colette was a sorceress in training who was tutored by Princess Zelda, An incident sent her to Toon Town shortly before the major fight in Drake's Darkness Crew, She was attacked by Heartless but was then saved by Ross and Kirby after that she was brought to the Halberd where she quickly became friends with everyone, until she had to head back to her training with Zelda and Link. After That incident Chef Colette became a unofficial member of the Space Warrior's even helping Marissa, Micheal and Alistair find Ross and Juliet Gamer during the Darkrai incident. After she team up with Ross and Drake Darkstar to stop Darkrai she joined the Space Warrior's and the Author Fighter's.

She also uses the sword Triblade which Scarlet gave her after his adventures with Caliburn, this sword can give her a new variety of spell's and special swords attack's, Metaknight is training her to use it.

Alyssa the Jirachi Pokemorph

This Alyssa is not the same one the Author Fighter's know this Alyssa came from Ross's Home Dimension, she was Ross's childhood friend back in Space Colony ARK. She sacrificed herself to send Ross to Earth, her promise he made to her, constantly kept Ross going which caused him to save his world Twice! After being sent to the FAF dimension, Ross found a way to return to his home every year for one day. When Arceus trained him in using the Life Aura's Ross realised his destiny and when he accepted it the Life Aura's somehow revived Alyssa.

It's unknown if this Alyssa has the same power's as the FAF Dimension's Alyssa, however Ross noticed that Alyssa was given a special item from Arceus called the Dream Stone and he also can sense the Pokemon Spirit of Jirachi the Wish Maker Pokemon around Alyssa. She isn't exactly in control of her powers of granting Wishes.

Pokemon Form: Jirachi.

Pokemorph Form: Star Jirachi.

Super Pokemorph Form: Wishing Star Jirachi.

Hinaten the Mew Pokemorph

A young 17 Year old Pokemorph, Hinaten was born in the future, her parents where shockingly the Original Mew and Mewtwo. During the Future the Sacred Guard where causing havoc for all Pokemorphs, Mew and Mewtwo where fine since they where Pokemon, but since their daughter was a Pokemorph, they knew the Sacred guard would come for her, so with help from the still Alive Emily, they sent her to the past, while Mewtwo erased her memories. Where she met The Space Warrior's after they saved her from the Sacred Guard, she stuck to the team like glue, she even named Ross and Marissa her Adopted parents to their embarrasment. Because she is still young she hasen't mastered her powers yet. However she hates fighting only as a last resort. She usually when scared hugs someone in a viper like grip usually hugging Ross or Marissa. Howevre she has hugged Katie, X and even Hikari. However when one of her friends get hurt she shows why she is Mewtwo's daughter.

Her Major Problem is the Shadow Rayquaza Pokemorph Yami who want to make her his bride because he taste her energy and found hers to be perfect. He marks her with not only a bite but with a strange serpent mark on her neck. This Mark acts like the Curse Mark but also acts as a Collar should Hinaten try to attack Yami. The only way to remove it is to kill Yami.

Her Mewtwo half has a completely different mindset, this side is more confident and can be a little flirty with Hareta. (Mostly when in Sky Form)

She has two Pokemon and Pokemorph Limits, depending on the mind set of Hinaten she will either change into Duo Mew if she stays in her usually nice and sweet mind set. But if her friends get hurt, her battle wanting mind set takes over and she turns into Duo Mewtwo. She also has a special Item called the Duo Medallion. With this whenever she turns into Duo Mew or Duo Mewtwo the medallion gives her a weapon, Duo Mew is given a special staff. While Duo Mewtwo is given a sword that becomes more sharper when she channels more Psychic Energy.

A new power she got was when Roscoso used the Life Aura's to remove the Curse Mark she was given a power similiar to Yami, she can bite Pokemorphs and drain Energy, she dosen't kill with the bite like Yami, a running gag is whenever Hinaten is with Hareta she usually asks him if she can bite him, this is usually her way of showing affection to Hareta.

Pokemon Form: Mew/Mewtwo.

Pokemorph Form: Duo Mew/Mewtwo.

Super Pokemorph Form: Yin Mew/Yang Mewtwo

Voiced by : Amy Birnbaum (Téa Gardner from Yu-gi-oh)

Hareta the Shaymin Pokemorph

His personality is alot like how Shaymin's is in Giratina and the Sky Warrior, he can be timid and scared easily while in Land Form. But when he becomes Sky Form whether in Pokemon, Human or Pokemorph Form, He becomes more confident and even can act like Lunatic121 sometimes. He has Green Hair done like Sonic's (Helps that Shaymin looks like a Hedgehog) he also wears a Green Shirt with Sky Blue Streaks in it and Wite Shorts.

Hareta is about 18 years old. He also has two pokemon an icy blue piplup and a purple Riolu. Hareta first appeared when He entered a Pokemon Contest which Hinaten and Hikari Ino entered. During the contest he became close friends with Hinaten. Which caused Ross and Marissa to tease their adopted Daughter about a crush. (To Both Hareta and Hinaten's embarrassment)He faced Hikari in the Semi-final's where he won, but then lost to Hinaten. After the contest ended, Hinaten managed to convince Ross and Marissa to bring Hareta along with them. Since then Hareta became a member of the team.

During the three way battle between the Giratina, Dialga (Justin) and Palkia (Katie) Pokemorph's. Hinaten was brought to the Distorted World along with Hareta where they met Kaito Ino, Hikari's Father. Hareta revealed his Pokemorph Form to use Seed Flare to escape the distorted world. Along with Hinaten and Kaito.

After the contest Hareta starts to have a crush on Hinaten (Hinaten sort of feels the same).

Pokemon Form: Shaymin. (Or SkyForm)

Pokemorph Form: Graceful Shaymin/Aerial Shaymin.

Super Pokemorph Form: Druid Shaymin/Typhoon Shaymin.

voiced by: Dan Green (Knuckles)

Scarlet the Gizoid

A Gizoid Robot found by Omega nearby Cherrygrove City during Hinaten's contest. Scarlet was badly damaged and it's Copying ability was beyond repair so Omega removed it and replaced it with a new CPU like his own giving Scarlet his own Emotions. Scarlet became the newest member of the team, helping everyone with any problems. However when he saw Alyssa using her power (She was the first one who did show her power infront of him) he named her his Mistress, because of his emotions he can show many of them, he can show a stubborn nature, when he refused help while trying to keep a water pipe from bursting.

By Accident Scarlet wished for his copying power to be restored, since he was near Alyssa her wish-maker powers granted it, giving him back his copying power. Scarlet in thanks learned how to control it, he can now shut it off and on at will.

Another power he has is from the Senient sword Called Caliburn! Scarlet was summoned to a world, in the Age of King Arthur, but to his shock he found that an evil force was threating this world. With help from the Grandaughter of the great Merlin, Merlina, he found Caliburn and used it's power to defeat the three fooled but Loyal knights of the round table. (Who looked like X Prodigy, Airnaruto and Chef Colette.)

After saving that world, he returned with Caliburn and is being trained with Metaknight!

Scarlet is voiced by Andrew Francis who voiced Megaman EXE.

Copied Powers

Night Silencer: From X Prodigy.

Darkness Style: Super Smoke Jutsu: From Killer Rose.

Raine Branford

Gender: Female

Physical Description: A young girl with wide, innocent, and vivid blue eyes. They are the first feature seen beneath her bangs, her long flowing pink hair reaching her waist. She has a cute smile that curls micheviously when she is thinking evil thoughts. She wears a choker with the deisgn of a star on it, given to her by her Jun Jun Tesu, Nuruma. Her shirt swoops down a little low in the front, a camisole saving her from indecency. Her sleeves are a little poofy and fan out about two inches past her shoulders. Her top is a midriff, and she wears a belt with a pouch attached to it around her waist. Her skirt is slitted at her thighs and she wears short shorts underneath. Her skirt goes down to her knees, below which she wears laced boots. Raine is a little tall for her age, her height reaching 5'5".

Personality: She is kind and caring, the only problem is that sometimes her rash behavior gets in the way of better judgement. She's a ditz at heart but is always trying her hardest. However, that is only one side of her personality, she actually has seven sides built into herself. The first two are very stable, kind, generous, that sort of thing. The third she shows when she is angry, which is quite often as it is easy to get her upset over misunderstandings and whatnot. The fourth side of her is cynical and very observant, talking only when it is necassary. The fifth part of her personality is sarcastic and witty and can think of last minute solutions to problems. The sixth side of her is shy and quiet, her intelligence and quirky habits. The last side is the side she tries to seal away as ths side tends to lead to rather violent behavior and can even drive her to kill. She released it once and destroyed one of the Empire's bases in the north. She is very innocent and doesn't understand much, including what humans call love.

Skills/Abilites: She is part esper, a rare brand called an Esper no Ragi. However, since her powers range to instability, they were sealed away using the Mark of Death. Should she call upon the mark, she puts her very life in danger. This side enables her to morph into a flying being and comes complete with pointed ears. She controls the element of water and sometimes, the wind. She can also summon spirits to her aid and can control people, if but temporairily. To do each of these things requires a lot of energy, so she can't morph all that often.

Bio: Raine was raised in the esper world up until the age of five when she was stolen by the Empire. Due to her age, she couldn't repress her powers and fell into a coma due to the sustained use of said abilities. She stayed in this coma for four years, until she was reawakened by another esper boy, Inaro. They quickly became friends and he sealed away her powers so that she wouldn't hurt herself. However, this also erased her memories and she remembers nothing before the age of ten. Thinking herself to be human, she mingled in with the human world, causing catastrophes where ever she may be. She is sought out by many as she is the last link to Inaro and his bloodline. She has very few friends, including two humans, one Jun Jun Tesu, a sarcastic talking sword that can morph into a human, a vibrant esper kid that thinks she's an angel and an esper boy.

Weaknesses: She has no idea how to USE her powers since she lost her memory and is often very confused most of the time. She tries to be helpful but often makes things into a bigger mess than they should be. She's far too trusting and more than once has put herself in harm's way because she thought she was doing something good. She tries to help out her friends but it doesn't work out that well seeing as how she is prone to make the situation more complicated than it should be. She also angers too easily, even over trivial things, and can over react to minor details. She has a hunger for knowledge and hates it when she doesn't know things, which often leads to her compromising a lot of people just to find out what she wants to know.

Part Time Members

These members are members that will help the Space Warriors if they can, but usually they have others things to handle like their own teams.

Hikari Ino the Cressilia Pokemorph

The Balance/Pokemorph Hybrid, and leader of the Balances, Hikari is a good friend with all the Space Warrior's, Justin the Dialga Pokemorph is like an Uncle, Hinaten the Mew/Mewtwo Pokemorph is like a little Sister, to her, when the Space Warrior's came to rescue her from Lucifer, she was exposed to the Life Aura's causing her Pokemorph heritage to appear after the Space Warriors helped her master her power, she became a Part time Member

Ozzy the Missingo Pokemorph

The Darkside/Pokemorph hybrid, and the Darkside to Roscoso Ozzy has worked for Lucifer the Balance of hatred and even Oldkid at many points, after finally being free, he has helped Ross on many points, he helped the Author Fighters against Jack of Blades, he helped the Space Warrior's against Lucifer and Yami and he also Guards the Death Auras. Although a little wary, Ross made him a Part Time Member!

Main Allies

Emily the Celebi Pokemorph

Emily is a good friend of the Space Warrior's and the Celebi Pokemorph how she got her powers is unknown, since she could travel through time she usually stays in her forest home, she helped Ross during the Darkrai problem by sending Omega, Marissa, Micheal, Alistair and Chef Colette to the timeline he was sent to by Darkrai.

Her strenght is unknown but she can travel very far in time, and has very powerful grass attacks.

Danielle the Rotom Pokemorph

Danielle is the only female pokemorph that guards the Pokemorph Sanctuary, alongside Rio, Landon and Harvey, because of bad experience Danielle is very scared of humans and nearly cried when Drake stole the Shadowmare crystal which would reveal the sanctuary to everyone, thanks to Ozzy during his Only One month stay there Danielle became the Representitave for Pokemorphs along with Ross. Her best move is Zap Cannon.

Rio the Lucario Pokemorph

Rio is the calm member of the group because of his Lucario power he can use Aura to help him track down enemies and fight. He mostly tries to protect the sanctuary with great pride. His Best move is the Aura Storm.

Landon the Gliscor Pokemorph

Landon is the more exciting and youngest of the Guardians, Being a Gliscor Pokemorph he can glide in the air for along time and can use his scorpion like claws and tail to attack foes. Along with Poison attacks. His Strongest being Cross Poison.

Harvey the Garchomp Pokemorph

The Most powerful of the Guardian Pokemorphs Harvey only fights if a big threat attacks the sanctuary Like Drake or Shade. Being a Garchomp Pokemorph which is a Dragon Ground Type gives Harvey a variety of moves his strongest being Giga Impact.

Space Warrior's Weapons and Veichles


A Powerful Sword that belongs to Metaknight. The Sword was forged long ago by ancient beings on a distant planet but the sword was stolen by an NME Monster, Metaknight and another Star Warrior headed to where the sword was to retrieve it, Metaknight was chosen to wield Galaxia although Kirby can use the sword as well.

World Ender

A Powerful Hammer that belongs in Micheal's Family, Micheal was the next to wield the hammer, until that Darkside attacked his home, Surviving with World Ender, Micheal uses it as his most powerful weapon, being a Groudon Pokemorph gives Micheal enough strength to Swing the hammer pretty fast and strong.

The Halberd

A Powerful Airship that belongs to Metaknight. With powerful engines and firepower it is a force to be reckoened with. Thanks to Omega's upgrades The Halberd can now travel in Space and boasted that it could even match Ranger24's ship the Phenoix in speed.


The Sacred Sword of Light that was stuck in a stone for ages, until Scarlet released him. He is a sensient being he can talk to people but can have smart mouth. When Scarlet and Caliburn are near the other Sacred Swords. Sparda, Konogan and Triblade. Then they become Excalibur Scarlet. Caliburn along with Konogan and Triblade, came to Scarlets world when he returned.


The Sacred sword of Dawn. Triblade belonged to Percival of the Round Table (Chef Colette) When Scarlet defeated her in battle she gave him Triblade. After stopping the Dark Queen. Scarlet took Triblade along with Konogan and Caliburn after returning home. Triblade can gather either FIre, Water or Wind into the Blade.


The Sacred Sword of Dusk. Konogan belonged to Gawain of the Round Table (Airnaruto45) When Scarlet defeatd him in battle he took Konogan. After stopping the Dark Queen. Scarlet took Konogan along with Triblade and Caliburn after returning home. Konogan grants the user the ability to use Chakra. Is Scarlet uses Konogan he learns a Metallic Version of the Rasengan called the Steelagan.


This is just rivals for the Space Warrior's, not enemies but just people that either one member or all of them want to defeat.

Team Faust

Another Ally team for the Author Fighters, led by X Prodigy the rivalry started around the New Years brawl, where Yoruichi and Marissa tried to outdo each other in cheering on Roscoso and X Prodigy the team's have no problem with each other, but both teams would like to face each other in sparring fights, mostly Metaknight, Micheal, Alistair and Andy for the Space Warrior's, although Scarlet was thinking of challenging Kevin Mask to a sword battle.

Relationships with the Author Fighters

The Space Warriors are probably the team that has had the most time with the Author Fighters the only other teams are the Spirit Warriors and Team Faust. The Space Warrior's have helped the Author Fighters with many important issues, like when E-123 Omega helped the Author Fighter locate the Key Shards during the Draco and Dragon Army problem. Another time was when Marissa, Katie and Hinaten helped the Author Fighters and Justice Soldiers agaisnt Drake and his army!

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