The Space Warrior is a single from House DJ Z-2's Debut Album Space Warrior and features Maroon 5 Frontman Adam Levine. It was released on June 14 2013.


Official Cover Art.


A Lyric Video was released on June 16 2013.

The Music Video for the song premiered at on July 18 2013 at Comic Con before being released on Vevo A Day Later.

The video begins with Main Protagonist Ashley Porter rushing to her home only to find her parents dead in the living room. Elsewhere, the FBI, still surrounding the destroyed school that Ashley was in, find a necklace in the debris, and suddenly realize that it belongs to Ashley herself, and rush over to her home to arrest her. The FBI arrive at the front of her home, where a mourning Ashley dodges bullets that are coming from the FBI. As she dodges them, she notices a small folder on the floor and reads it, revealing about a secret Supernatural project known as Operation Bloodstorm led by her 30 year old father Noah J Porter, and that she is the next target in the Operation. Realizing she has supernatural powers, she hurries into her room, packs her stuff, and puts on her gothic gear. The FBI meanwhile intrude the house and proceed to arrest Ashley, who seemingly know that she's in her room. As the FBI tell her to come out with her hands up, Ashley uses her supernatural powers to crash open the door and control the FBI. She then stomps her foot to send them flying onto the walls of the house, before bending her leg with force to send an FBI Helicopter crashlanding onto the road, exploding. Ashley then escapes her home to search for who's really behind the Operation. Meanwhile, Adam Levine is seen singing his vocals in the back of an FBI Car.

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