Spirit Warriors

Legendary Fighters gifted with Spirit Powers, allowing them to turn their own energy into the form of weapons, and attacks. Some families with Spirit Warrior Heritage are born with Spirit Energy, and others can get their Spirit Energy awaken by another Spirit Warrior unlocking it. Some use them to protect those precious to them, others are tempted to use it for personal gain.

Brian. K

Brian was a boy about age nine when he first met DarkMagicianmon. He had an older brother and sister who always picked on him, while he dealt with three crazy girls who always wanted to kiss him. He lost his patience and finally fought back against his siblings and the three crazy girls. he got in trouble and was grounded by his parents. Feeling neglected and ignored decided to run away, it was then he was brought to the Digital world to meet Tai and the gang from season 1, Brian was partnered up with DarkMagicianmon when they battled Gozermon and his goons. While Brian proved to be a reliable human partner to, he was given Spirit Energy and turned him into a Spirit Warrior. After then he and DarkMagicianmon not only fought together side by side as human and Digimon, but also as Warrior and Digimon. After the first defeat of Gozermon, Brian returned to his own world, but not before he was given DarkMagicianmon's staff as a memorabilia on how they fought to protect the Digital World.

After four years Brian grew up to be a responsible teenager and has become a stronger warrior then he used to be when he was younger. But during that time, his parents died, his sister eloped in Vegas wanting nothing to do with them, and his bro mistakigly joined the mob business and got his bro far away from him so that he wouldn't get drafted, so DarkMagicianmon pulled him back to the Digital World where he began training him to become stronger for in case Gozermon ever returned. During season two Brian found a girlfriend named Melody Yushino was was also a Digidestine and Spirit Warrior. After Gozermon was defeated for good Brian moved on with his new life while DarkMagicianmon left to find work. He went off to college where he joined the Fraternity Kappa Tau Gamma. During the end of his second year he was elected as the New President and now runs the Fraternity. He and his friends were invited to participate in the Mortal Kombat Tournament hosted by Shao Khan, he fought hard against his first opponent Kurtis Stryker, but lost in the second round to Airnaruto after a hard struggle between both fighters. It was then Airnaruto nursed Brian back to health rather than Khan's words about finishing him off.

Powers and Abilities

Aside from his Spirit Powers including his Spirit Saber Brian also gained the ability to use Wind based Jutsus and the summoning of the Wind God Vayu. With wind natured chakra he's able to surf the wind like surfing water waves. His Signature move is the Rasen-Saber which molds Rasengan with Wind Chakra to form a sword. When Kiva introduced them to the Kamen Rider belts, Brian was given the belt of Den-O. He can control Climax Form, Liner Form and Chou Kamen Rider Den-O, along with all of the Imagins Ryotaro had when he was Den-O. These Imagin include the Taro bros Momotaros, Urataros, Kintaros, and Rutaros. Along with the Power of the Eternal belt developed by the Balances Brian must sacrifice something in order to use it, so he chose his Spirit Energy. After use of the Eternal belt his loose his Spirit Powers for a few days until they return at their full strength.

Momotaros: (Dub Voice) Richard Cox (Inuyasha)

Ryutaros: (Dub Voice) Colleen O'Shaughnessey (Konohamaru Sarutobi)

Kintaros: (Dub Voice) Robbie Rist (Chouji Akimichi)

Urataros: (Dub Voice) Eric Vale (Sanji)

Flint Horizaku

Flint is the genius of Brian's old gang and youngest, and used to wear glasses when he was a kid. He was almost as smart as Izzy, but unlike Izzy Flint could create his own personal robotic assistants called the "Horizaku Bots", but his favorite robot is his robotic feline named Gyro who was equipped with Artificial intelligence and the qualities of a cat. Flint originally came from another dimension, in fact he lived in Dimmsdale back when the adults were kids, Flint was friends with such familiar people like Mr. and Mrs. Turner when they weren't married, and even Denzel Crocker even though he was fairy insane. He was also the protoge to Chip Skylarks father. When he was 8 his parents were killed by Dark Warriors, and his parnter Giltiamon was summoned to drive them off, after that Giltiamon unlocked Flint's Spirit Energy and began to train him for a year, when he reached the age of 9 him and Giltiamon began to enter the Digital World through a different dimensional portal which led him into the Digidestines universe. Flint had moved in with Brian in his apartment because both were orphans with no families. So Brian and Flint lived together while their Digimon pretended to be the responsible adults when having to pay rent. When Flint was enrolled in Davis and the guys school, his IQ was so high he got skipped ahead to their grade. When the Gozermon and Drake were defeated, him and Brian decided to go on a summer tour of the world, and that really brought them closer like brothers. With him being a genius he went off to College with Brian, Melody, and Carl, he rushed a Fraternity with Brian and became a member of the Kappa-Tau-Gamma house. Considering how he ages in this universe, while in Dimmsdale time moved by much quicker and the riends Flint once had were adults while he is currently a teenager. He was chosen with Brian, and the gang t participate in the Mortal Kombat tournament where he lost in the first round against Neji Hyuga who was previously beaten by Flint during the Rescue Hanabi Hyuga arc. Flint then went off to Edenia with his girlfriend Monica to help Queen Sindel. It was many months later he discovered years ago the Dark Warriors that killed his parents were summoned by a Purity Beast Fox named Kaiko. Kaiko wanted Flint to be depressed so that'd he'd be the only one he could trust, and then steal his purity turning him into a puppet. Flint and Kaiko met again and fought each other with Flint making sure not to let Kaiko get to him. Flint knew there was only one way to finish him, so he modified Minato Namikaze's Reaper Death Sealing Jutsu to work on him and without Flint having to give up his own life in the process. With Kaiko gone Flint was able to continue on with his life with no threats of him ever returning.

Powers and Abilites

Aside from his Spirit Powers such as his Spirit Bo-Staff Flint also gained the ability to use Fire based Jutsus and the summoning of the Fire God Pyronius. With the ability to use fire Jutsus he's able to withstand intense heat, even when in a volcano, along with being able to soak in a lava hotsping. His Signature move is the Phoenix Embodiment; which encases him in a phoenix cloak like Naruto's fox cloak, and increases his senses, speed, and strength 10 fold. His second signature move is his lava armor Jutsu; this covers his body in armor made from many layers of hardened lava that's nearly impossible to crack. With Blood Lord Kiva Flint was given the form of NEW Deno, along with the Imagin Teddy as his partner.

Carl Hiroshi

Carl lived with his mom, dad, and Grandmama as he calls her. Before he was called "Carlos" by Kevin Sariyama who was once his old partner. Originally Carl and Kevin were childhood friends, but when they got into Jr.High Kevin began to take pleasure in torturing others for his own amusement, while Carl didn't enjoy beating on people like Kevin did but didn't want to say anything because he didn't want to loose his only friend. Because he hung out with Kevin who was depicted as the School bully, no girl would come near him because they were afraid of him being friends with Kevin. When Brian came along Carl started to take a liking to him even though Kevin wouldn't approve of it. One day when Brian was attacked by Drake outside the school right during the end of the day where most of the students were going home, he was knocked unconscious but soon woke up with amnesia, and when Kevin saw him unconscious he decided to take this as an opprtunity to punish Brian for making him look bad and showing him up even though Brian was just being himself and not trying to make anyone look bad. But Carl stopped him and for once took a stand and told Kevin off, when Kevin threatened he would kill anyone who stood in his way which didn't go unheard by the Principal and was called to his office, meanwhile Carl felt he lost his friend just ran home. Later on he was at his computer wishing that there was something he could do to help Brian, until a D-3 came out of his computer and pulled him into the Digital World where he met MysticalMagemon who unlocked his Spirit Energy, and both had their first go at some Dark Warriors, and Gozermon's henchmen who were being lead by Saggimon; the Dark Clown. After Carl came back to the real world he had MysticalMagemon jog Brian's memories back by bonking him on the head, and sure enough it worked, from then on Carlos told the Digidestines to call him "Carl" because all his real friends do. After then Carl became the slang talking gangster styled member of Brian's team. Carl eventually graduated with Brian, Flint, and Melody and went off to College with them and joined the Kappa Tau Gamma house like Brian and Flint. He became Rush Chair at the end of his second year when Brian was made president. He along with the rest of the gang participated in the Mortal Kombat tournament where he defeated Edward Elric the Full Metal Alchemist in the first round, but lost to Scorpion during the second round. Feeling he's been the fifth wheel of the team because he claims he doesn't have anyone right for him or the desire to protect anyone who he considers precious outside of his team and family, and with that he decided to stay in Outworld and train with Bo Rai Cho. After Naruto defeated Shao Khan he was presumed dead when know one knew he escaped, with the consent of Argus elder god of Edenia, Carl was appointed as the new ruler of the Outworld.

Powers and Abilities

Aside from his Spirit Powers and Spirit Axe Weapon Carl also gained the ability to use Lightning based Jutsus and the summoning of the Lightning God Raiga. His Signature move is the Chidori which is like Kakashi's and Sasuke's move, along with his Lightning clone Jutsus which summons electrical charged versions of him,and when destroyed they shock their attacker back. When Blood Lord Kiva gave everyone a Kamen Rider belt, Carl was given the Kamen Rider Leangle belt.

Melody Yushino

Brian's girlfriend, father a police officer, mother a housewife, and a little brother, she met DarkMagicianGirlmon and became a Digidestined and a Spirit Warrior a month before Brian met the other Digidestines again after so many years. At first she wanted her identity to be a scret from the others in the Digital World, so she dawned a cloak and used a voice changer to make her voice sound monotone like. While she remained a mystery to everyone when they went to the Digital World, in the human world she would accasionally flirt with Brian and tried to get to know his life better. After of week of mysteriousness she finally decided to reveal herself to everyone. She got along with everyone very well, and it was official that she became Brian's lover. Drake who was jealous of Brian finding love decided to bring out Melody's darkside and gave it a form, and her dark ide from then on went by the name of Meladonna. So after many battles in the Digital World Melody had purified Meladonna of all her evil, helped Brian and DarkMagicianmon defeat Gozermon, and seal Drake away. After the threat diverted Brian and Melody continued to live out their lives as lovers. When they went off to College she joined a Sorority called "Zeta-Beta-Sigma" and was recognized as one of the most gorgeous of women at the Sorority. During the end of second year she was elected the Sorority President. She recently participated in the Mortal Kombat tournament where she defeated Baraka in the first round, Cyrax in the second round, and Sindel in the third round. After Carl was appointed ruler of the Outworld, he began the match for Melody against Nukid. They both battled hard and Melody seeing she couldn't beat him forfeited her match. Nukid congratulated her on how hard she fought before she left back for the Earthrealm.

Powers and Abilities

Like all Spirit Warriors, she is capable of turning her own energy into weapons, and attacks. Her weapon the Spirit Katana makes her a close ranged fighter when in combat.

Monica Sakata

Monica was about the age of 9 just like Flint, but she wasn't a Digidestine, but was born with Spirit Energy just as her parents were. Even though she didn't have a partner Digimon she still went to the Digital World, and though she wasn't smart to be skipped ahead with Flint she remained in the same class with Cody. She admired Flint for how smart and caring he was. Even though most of the girls like Sora, Yolei, and Mimi thought she was a little young to be thinking about romance she still thought highly of Flint and considered him her lover. As Monica and Flint grew older their relationship grew just as Brian's and Melody's, but when the guys were ready to leave for College Flint was accepted because of his High IQ, so she had to stay behind with Cody, while the older kids and Flint went off to College or other places. But even though they've been living aprat they still loved each other, and when summer came they spent every minute they had with each other. She participated in the Mortal Kombat tournament where she fought and lost to Sindel, before that she was given an offer from Sindel about joining her in Edenia to fight Khan. She didn't want to go if it meant having to leave Flint so Sindel promised her that Flint could come along, so after she lost she accepted the offer and went to Edenia, and Flint followed after his defeat by Neji.

Powers and Abilities

Like all Spirit Warriors, she is capable of turning her own energy into weapons, and attacks. Her weapon is a Spirit Bow with an arsenal of Spirit Arrows with a weapon like that she's considered a long ranged fighter when in combat.

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