The Spiteful Breakvan (4th August 1929 - 10th December 1959) was a brake van bought to the Island of Sodor

In 1960, the van arrived to Sodor and was naughty until Donald biffed him and then he behaved better, eventually Douglas accidentally smashed him to pieces and the brake van was scrapped

Built: 4th August 1929

Died: 10th December 1959 (aged 30)

Goal: To make trains late (formely)

Allies: The Troublesome Trucks

Enemies: Donald, Douglas, James, Edward, Gordon, Henry, Thomas (Thomas passed by the Spiteful Break Van, but he didn't meet him)

Fate: Gets smashed by Douglas and scrapped


  • In the Railway Series, the Spiteful Brake Van has two faces - one at each end.


  • Ertl Model
  • Thomas Wooden Railway Model


  • The Spiteful Brake Van's theme is his theme from the Season 2 episode, Break Van/Donald and Douglas.

Counterparts (Male Version)

Counterparts (Female Version)