Dedicated to CoolZDane and TheCityMaker


  • Manny: We are connected in the great circle of life
  • Narator: ZackLEGOHarryPotter Pictures presents, it's all new thirdy-second for later motion-picture... The Spong King! He was born to you
  • Matt: This will all be mine?
  • Manny: Everything the light touches.
  • Matt: Wow
  • Narator: But the shadow rise over the kingdom. (Hopper is on a rock as the rocks grows-up to the moon)
  • Hopper: I will be King!
  • (Matt gasped in fear)
  • Myotismon: Run away and never return.
  • (Queen Chrysalis? jumps and runs down off the rock mountains with? Discord and Quick Draw McGraw)
  • Matt: (falls in the ground) NOOOOOO!
  • Discord: If you never come back, we'll kill ya!
  • (Matt runs away as Chrysalis,? Discord and Quick Draw was near and watches him.)

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