At The Tree, Samantha & Her Parents are getting ready for Dance Party. Samantha wears Red Dress,Red Shoes & Red Bow on her hair. Sandy wears Light Blue Dress, Light Blue Shoes & Light Blue bow on her hair. Steve wears Black Suit, Black Shoes & Black Tie around his neck. In Living Room, Sierra & Sally was playing. Sierra was wearing White Puffy Sleeves T-Shirt, White Skirt & White Flats. Sally was wearing Purple Long Sleeves Shirt, Purple Jacket Over It, Purple Skirt & tied in two Pigtails. Samantha & Her Parents walking Down Stairs. Hi Sierra and Hi Sally! They Said Hi Mom & Dad! Oh Mom,Dad & Samantha Look Nice! Sally Said. Fancy! Sierra Said Thank You, Tonight, Mom,Dad & Samnantha Going Dance Party. Oh Dancing! Sierra Said Mom,Dad & Samantha Dance with Sally,Dance With Me! Sally Said. Sierra Too,Sierra Too! Sierra Said. Okay! Mom Said They Laughing Lovely Well,Well Um My Boyfriend,Jazz Will Be here Soon, Mom,Dad & Me Go out! Samantha Said Sally Come Too, Sally Come too! Sally was exitced. Um No Sally Dance Party is for Mom,Dad,Me & Jazz for Teen & Adults Only. Sally was Gasping No Sally! Oh No Oh Sierra & Sally Stay Home with new babysitter. Suddenly A door-bell rang. Oh! Sierra Laugh. At The Door, Sandy is Open the door, It was a Skunk. She gasping Pepe Le Pew! Boujour, Sandy pepe le pew said Sierra & Sally Pepe Le pew is new babysitter Skunk

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