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The Start is the first Ask Barney episode.


  • Barney has his Season 3 voice and Late 1993/1994-1997/1998-present costume.
  • BJ has his Season 3 and Late 1995/1996-1997/1998-present costume.
  • Baby Bop has her Season 2-3 voice and Late 1995/1996-1997/1998-present costume.
  • The Barney costume from "Imagination Island" is used.
  • The Barney voice from "Fun and Games" is used.
  • The BJ costume from "First Day of School" is used.
  • The BJ voice from "Barney Live! In New York City" is used.


  • Barney: Hey to all my friends, it's me Barney here. Let's get ready for all my questions you posted there.
  • SuperMalechi Says: Did you like SpiderMan cartoons?
  • Barney: Oho yes! They're better than the Spiderman movies,
  • Thevideotour1: Did you like VeggieTales?
  • Barney: Yes! I do like VeggieTales. It's very special.
  • WonderPetsandTheSimpsonsFan: Did you like Family Guy?
  • Barney: (giggles) Yes, I love this show, though I know Malechi does not. So he prefers The Simpsons better.
  • BarneyBabyBopBJandRiffFan: Did you like SpongeBob SquarePants?
  • Barney: Yes, I love that show.
  • SouthParkFan: Did you like South Park?
  • Barney: (angry) No! It has lots of blood and gore!! Malechi is not interested in it anymore, neither am I! Get outta here!
  • SuperMalechi: Did you dislike Warren Cook?
  • Barney: Yes! He keeps making real not fake vhs opening stuff on YouTube! It's against the rules!
  • Thevideotour1: Did you like Dora the Explorer?
  • Barney: No. But I respect your opinions.
  • JeremyCrispo: Barney, did you like Ferdinand from Thomas and Friends?
  • Barney: (angry) No! He keeps saying that's right in every episode with him on it!
  • Nick Jones: Did you like Cailou?
  • Barney: No. But I respect your opinions, like I did with Thevideotour1's on Dora.
  • WonderPetsandFuturamaFan: Did you like The Wonder Pets?
  • Barney: Yes. It's so funny. I am a bit worried after it went on hitarus. It came back in 2013. I hope it would have new episodes in the future.
  • BJ: I feel the same way too.
  • Baby Bop: Me three.
  • BarneyBabyBopBJandRiffFan: What is your favorite season on your show?
  • Barney: Mine is Season 3, because it has me looking and sounding like this, after my plastic surgery in April 1st 1993. Starting with Camp WannaRunnaRound, the costume and voice who looked and sounded like me started to look unrealistic, as well as BJ and Baby Bop's voices started to look unrealistic as well. In Let's Eat, their costumes started to look unrealistic. Starting with Barney's Super-Singing Circus, Tim Dever and Duncan Brannan replaced Bob West, and in 2002, my show went downhill with Dean Wendt replacing Bob West and the Patk and caboose replacing the school, treehouse and playground. I think Season 4-onwards of my show should've stayed with the Season 3 costumes and voices, the Second Era settings, the Season 4 music and Second Era doll of me to make them like Barney's Musical Scrapbook, with no HiT taking over, no downhill, no costumes and voices changing after Barney's Musical Scrapbook, and no park or caboose. Malechi feels the same way too.
  • Jeremy Quann: Did you like Bear in the Big Blue House?
  • Barney: Yes. I like this show.
  • SuperMalechi: Did you like Annoying Orange?
  • Barney: Yes. I found this show funny. Baby Bop, BJ and Riff find it funny too.
  • SuperMalechi: Did you hate DamianAlexDeromas? I hate him.
  • Barney: Yes. He keeps forcing people to hate everything we like.
  • Rob Toliver: Barney, did you like Bubble Guppies?
  • Barney: Yes, but Malechi doesn't like that show. So he prefers The Wonder Pets better.
  • SuperMalechi: Barney, what is your favorite Nick Jr show? Mine is The Wonder Pets.
  • Barney: Mine are The Wonder Pets, Blue's Clues, Little Bear and Gullah Gullah Island.
  • BarneyBJBabyBopandRiffFan: Did you like Mario?
  • Barney: Yes. I love Mario. It's better than South Park.
  • SuperMalechi: Did you miss the old Paramount VHS openings before 1999?
  • Barney: Yes, I wish all 1999-present VHS stuff were made like 1988-March 1999 ones. And you do too.
  • Conner Folkersma: Did you like The Lion King?
  • Barney: Yes! It's a funny movie.
  • Thevideotour1: Did you like Recess? And did you miss it after if was discontinued?
  • Barney: Yes! I like this show, it's so funny! (fast-voice) And what's the last part again?
  • Thevideotour1: Did you miss the Recess show after it was discontinued?
  • Barney: I am so sad I miss it. But in my opinion, it would return for new episodes in the future.
  • BarneyandMarioFan: Did you like Annoying Orange?
  • Barney: Yes! It's my favorite YouTube series ever. My favorite episode is Excess Cabbage.
  • Rob Toliver: Did you like Team Unizoomi?
  • Barney: No.
  • Thevideotour1: Did you watch horror movies?
  • Barney: No. I don't watch them. Malechi doesn't watch them anymore either.
  • NickelodeonFan: Did you think Cartoon Network should be rated R?
  • Barney: Of course not, it's a channel for kids. I guess Adult Swim is rated R.
  • BarneyandHomerFan: Why was DamianAlexDeromas and other users forcing people to hate stuff they like?
  • Barney: Because they are not nice to the ones who respect people's opinions. Say, some people who hate my show respect people's opinion, especially BiggestThomasFan. He doesn't have to kill me. Forcing people to hate/like stuff they like/hate is against the rules, and that could get them to trouble.
  • CatDogFan: Why was Zack from the GoAnimate videos not very good?
  • Barney: Because he acts like a tiny human being and does not want to go to school. His teacher tries to get him there, but he all do is say "No!" and run away.
  • SuperMalechi: Why wasn't Robert interested in your show, The Wonder Pets, SpongeBob SquarePants, and The Simpsons, and why does he think Thomas and Friends is better than any of them. I like five of them.
  • Barney: Because it's his opinion. Sorry, (fast voiced) everyone had their own opinion.
  • SuperMalechi: Can you make a video where Robert Kypolf pretends to be the Easter Bunny and gets in trouble?
  • Barney: Good idea. It's because Robert Kypolf thinks he's better than me, that is not true. Everyone is special in their own way.
  • Rob Toliver: You know, Robert Kypolf can be bossy sometimes?
  • Barney: Yes, he can be sometimes.
  • Jeremy Quann: Did you hate Oobi?
  • Barney: Yes, because it's a rip off of my show.
  • BarneyBabyBopBJandRiffFan: What is your favorite children's shows?
  • Barney: I'd have to say, Barney and Friends, Thomas and Friends, The Wonder Pets, Teletubbies and Arthur.
  • Jeremy Quann: Why are the people who force me to give up you not very nice?
  • Barney: Oh, because they are very rude.
  • BiggestSpongeBobFan: Can you make a homemade 1999 Disney VHS of Meet Rolie Polie Olie?
  • Barney: Yes! I was currently working on it. This would've been released in the same day Mulan came out on VHS. I already made the opening with the 1997 Green Warnings, the 1997 Walt Disney Company intro, the Tarzan teaser trailer, the Inspector Gadget trailer, the home video previews of A Bug's Life, Sing a Song with Pooh Bear, the 101 Dalamations, Frank and Ollie, and the homemade RPO variant of the Feature Program logo. That's all for today, folks.

SuperMalechi (talk) 10:57, July 17, 2014 (UTC)

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