"The Storm" will be the name of a wrestler who will debut sometime in 2014. The gimmick is a reference to the upcoming Into The Storm film starring Richard Armitage, and as of after Starrcade, vignettes began airing hyping The Storm's Arrival. It is confirmed that The Storm will face Robbie V for the CW Heavyweight Championship at Heat Wave on June 27 2014, as confirmed on the June 20th edition of CW Collision Course by General Manager TOM5.

Since then, many wrestlers who were currently inactive from the company or haven't debuted yet may be the one behind The Storm. A Poll shows the top 10 wrestlers who may be revealed as the storm:

10. Randy Cunningham

9. Christopher Daniels

8. Ben Tennyson

7. Spider Man

6. Lin Beifong

5. Optimus Prime

4. CM Punk

3. Dipper Pines

2. Korra

1. Sting

Doraemon was considered an option as the wrestler behind The Storm, but was later dropped after a vignette with Doraemon aired on the May 31st CW Collision Course.

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