The Street I Live On (SpidermonkeyRockz Style)

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SpidermonkeyRockz's Music-Spoof of The Street I Live On'


Koda (Brother Bear) as Elmo

Boog (Open Season) and Sheriff of NothingHam (Robin Hood) as Big Bird and Snuffy

Kovu (The Lion King 2) as Cookie Monster

Lola (Baby Looney Tunes) as Zoe

Daffy and Bugs (Baby Looney Tunes) as Ernie and Bert

Daffy Duck as Super Grover

Buster Bunny and Plucky Duck (Tiny Toon Adventures) as Telly and Baby Bear

Ham III (Space Chimps) as Talking Tree

Scratte (Ice Age 3) as Rosita

Yogi Bear as The Count

King Koopa (Super Mario World) as Oscar The Grouch

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