November 24 2011 Deticated to:

- gryffonmanic

- TheCityMaker

- MichaelSar12IsBack

- SuperJNG18


Thumper (From Bambi) as Elmo

Robin Hood (from Robin Hood 1973) as Big Bird

Little John (from Robin Hood 1973) as Snuffy

Chowder as Cookie Monster

Sis (from Robin Hood) as Zoe

Pumbaa as Ernie

Timon as Bert

Quick Draw McGraw as Super Grover

Louis as Telly

Ray as Baby Bear

Talking Apple Tree as Talking Tree

Heloise as Rosita

Squidward as The Count

Susan Murphy/Ginormica as Gabi

Squidward's Cousin as Oscar the Grouch

Nemo as Dorothy

Dudley Puppy as Bob

ToeJam as Miles

Everyone else as Chorus

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