Narrator: Thomas the Tank Engine was puffing along the line.

Bertie: Hello, Thomas. Want to race?

Thomas: Not right now, Bertie. I have to go.

Narrator: Thomas saw Stepney in a tunnel.

Thomas: What's wrong, Stepney?

Stepney: I got stuck in this tunnel. Will you help, please?

Thomas: Of course, I will.

Narrator: And Thomas puffed away to find his friends.

Thomas: Emergency! Emergency! Stepney is stuck in a tunnel!

Percy: Oh, dear!

James: This is terrible!

Narrator: They all chuffed away to rescue Stepney.

Thomas: There, he is.

Percy: Wow! He's really stuck!

Diesel: I've never seen a steamie stuck so tight.

Thomas: I wonder how we're going to get Stepney out. I know! Let's go inside, and push him out!

Narrator: So Thomas and his friends puffed into the tunnel. Thomas was in front of Stepney. Percy was behind Thomas. Gordon was behind Percy. Henry was behind Gordon. Edward was behind Henry. Duck was behind Edward. James was behind Duck. Toby was behind James. Diesel was behind Toby. And they all pushed as hard as they could. They huffed and chuffed. But it didn't work.

Thomas: Cinders and ashes!

Stepney: It's no use. I'll never get out.

Thomas: If Plan A didn't work, we'll just have to try Plan B. Hmm. What's the opposite of pushing?

James: Pulling!

Thomas: Oh, yes!

Narrator: So Thomas and the engines tried to pull. Thomas was in front. Percy grabbed Thomas. Gordon grabbed Percy. Henry grabbed Gordon. Edward grabbed Henry. Duck grabbed Edward. James grabbed Duck. Toby grabbed James. Diesel grabbed Toby. And they all pulled as hard as they could. They chuffed and puffed. But it didn't work.

Thomas: Fizzling Fireboxes!

Stepney: I guess I'll never get out.

Thomas: I have an idea. We can tow Stepney out. It's kind of like pulling, but only different.

James: I don't think that's a good idea.

Thomas: But it might help.

James: Okay. Let's do it!

Narrator: So all the engines heaved and hauled. They puffed and huffed. At last, they got Stepney out of the tunnel.

Stepney: Thank you, everyone!

Narrator: Later on, Thomas saw Bertie.

Thomas: What's the matter?

Bertie: I'm stuck in the mud. Will you help me out?

Thomas: Yes, of course.

Narrator: So Thomas went to find something to get Bertie out of the mud. But all he could find was Butch the tow truck. Butch is a yellow and blue tow truck. He is a heavy recovery unit. Sodor, that is. Soon, Butch towed Bertie out of the mud.

Thomas: That was just like how we towed Stepney out of the tunnel.

Narrator: Thomas puffed back. He saw Stepney thanking all the engines.

Stepney: Thank you, Thomas. You saved my life.

Narrator: All the engines were happy.

The End

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