• Ned Merrill as Thomas
  • Julie Ann Hooper as Lady
  • Shirley Abbott as Emily
  • Joan as Sally
  • Donald Westerhazy as Edward
  • Peggy Forsburgh as Mavis
  • Betty Graham as Madge
  • Mrs. Halloran as Lady Hatt
  • Howie Hunsacker as Percy
  • Ticket Seller as Toby
  • Sylvia Finney as Henrietta
  • Howard Graham as Duck
  • Halloran's Chauffeur as James
  • Chester Halloran as Sir Toppham Hatt
  • Jack Finney as Oliver
  • Kevin Gilmartin Jr. as Toby
  • Stu Forsburgh as Gordon
  • Lillian Hunsacker as Rosie
  • Cynthia as Flora
  • Vernon Hooper as Elizabeth
  • Mrs. Hammar as Caroline
  • Henry Biswanger as Henry
  • Grace Biswanger as Millie
  • Helen Westerhazy as Molly

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