Version 1 (made by CoolZDane) (Only Full Length Parodys part 1-9 with video clips) (Coming Soon To Youtube Spring 2011!)

Sir Ector as George

Edgar (from The Aristocats) as Lyle

Bagherra (from The Jungle Book) as Kwame

Merlin as Ape

Jenny Foxworth (from Oliver & Company) as Ursula

Wart as Max

Adult Kovu (from The Lion King 2) as Thor

Archemedis as Shep

Dopey (from Snow White) as Tookie

Piglet (from Winnie The Pooh) as George Junior

The Magic Mirror (from Snow White) as Narrator

Madame Mim as Ursula's Mom

Shere Kahn (from The Jungle Book) as Ursula's Dad

Sykes (from Oliver & Company) as The Mean Lion

Frou-Frou (from The Aristocats) as The Tiger


Brendan Fraser - Sir Ector

Thomas Haden Church - Edgar

Richard Roundtree - Bagherra

John Cleese - Merlin

Leslie Mann - Jenny Foxworth

Greg Curtwell - Wart

Abahram Benburi - Adult Kovu

Paul Reubens - Archemedis

Gilbert Gottfried - Dopey

Angus T Jones - Piglet

Keith Scott - The Magic Mirror

Holland Taylor - Madame Mim

John Bennett Perry - Shere Kahn

Michael Clarke Duncan - Sykes

Tress MacNeille - Frou-Frou

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