Version 1 (BrittalCroftFan)

  • Merlin (from The Sword in The) as Mr Conductor

The Dumbo Characters as Theodore Tugboat

  • Dumbo as Theodore (Both Main Heros)
  • Matiarch as George (Both Big and Strong)
  • Prissy as Fodduck
  • Giddy as Emily (Both Beautiful)
  • Woody Woodpecker (from Woody Woodpecker) as Hank
  • Mr Jumbo as The Dispatcher
  • Mrs Jumbo as Lillie The Lighthouse
  • Smitty as Oliver (Both Bully Dumbo and Theodore Tugboat)
  • Catty as Sidgrid
  • Tillio Hippo (from Cats Don't Dance) as Carla
  • Penny as Dorthy
  • Clauded and Lolly as The Ferry Twins
  • Godfry as Digby
  • Dot as Nothumblem
  • The Big Bad Wolf (from Disney's The Three Little Pigs) as Truro
  • Lumpjaw (from Fun and Fancy Free) as Sorri
  • Frollo (from The Hunchback Of Notre Dame) as Cabot
  • Shere Khan (fromThe Jungle Book) as Tex

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