This is the nineth movie-spoof in TheBluesRockz. The Sword in the Stone (1963) in almost animal style.


  • Wart/Arthur - Chip (Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers)
  • Merlin - Scrooge McDuck (DuckTales)
  • Archemedes - Iago (Aladdin)
  • Sir Ector - Mojo Jojo (The Powerpuff Girls)
  • Sir Kay - Ratigan (The Great Mouse Detective)
  • Sir Pelinore - Scooby Doo
  • Merlin as Squirrel - Alvin (Alvin and the Chipmunks)
  • Granny Squirrel - Brittany (Alvin and the Chipmunks)
  • Scullery Maid - Mrs. Beakly (DuckTales)
  • Madam Mim as herself
  • Black Bart the Knight - Baloo (The Jungle Book/TaleSpin)
  • Merlin's Animal Transformations - Pascal (Tangled), March Hare (Alice in Wonderland), Basil (The Great Mouse Detective), Sebastian (The Little Mermaid) and Littlefoot (The Land Before Time)

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