silverexpress1997's movie-spoof and this is a parody of "The Sword in the Stone"


  • Eilonwy (The Black Cauldrone) as Wart
  • Huckleberry Hound as Merlin
  • Percy (from Thomas the Tank Engine) as Archimedes
  • Sir Ector & Sir Kay as Themslvse
  • Snowman (Jetlag) as Sir Pellinore
  • Merlin Fish as Himself
  • Flounder (The Little Mermaid) as Wart Fish
  • Bernard (from The Rescuers) Merlin Squirrel
  • Alvin (The Chipmunk Adventure) as Wart Squrriel
  • Girl Squrriel as Herself
  • Ms. Bianca (from The Rescuers) as Ganny Squrriel
  • Wart Bird as Himself
  • Madam Mim as Herself
  • Pascal (from Tangled) as Turtle Merlin
  • Brer Rabbit (from Song of the South) as Rabbit Merlin
  • Jiminy Cricket (from Pinocchio) as Catterpillar Merlin
  • Louis (from The Princess and the Frog) as Walrus Merlin
  • Timothy Q. Mouse (from Dumbo) as Mouse Merlin
  • Bladebeak (from Quest for Camelot) as Crab Merlin
  • The Prince of the Forest (from Bambi) as Goat Merlin
  • Bluenose (from TUGS) as Black Bart

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