The Sylvester Movie (PierrickCanalFamille Style)

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PierrickCanalFamille movie-spoofs and this is a parody of Disney "The Tigger Movie"


  • Mickey Mouse (From Mickey And The Beanstalk) as Winnie the Pooh
  • Princess Aurora (From Sleeping Beauty) as Piglet
  • Sylvester the Cat (From The Last Hungry Cat) as Tigger
  • Brer Rabbit (From Song of the South) as Rabbit
  • Speed (From The Swan Princesse) as Eeyore
  • Frends Owl (From Bambi) as Owl
  • Cinderella (From Cinderella) as Kanga
  • Peter (From Make Mine Music) as Roo
  • Pinocchio (From Pinocchio) as Christopher Robin

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