Team Pink

Team Pink is not apart of the Ratholos Legion but they did an excellent job on these stories. These Really got me into Hunting and I hope they do the same for all of you! Enjoy!

[| The Forming of Team Pink] Introduction

[| The Division of Team Pink] Chapters 1-2

[| The Rise of the Purple Samurai] Chapters 3-5

[| Trials of the Crimson Gunner] Chapters 6-9

[| The Stength of the Viking] Chapter 10-12

[| The Reunion of Team Pink] Chapters 13-18

©2007-2008 ~purple-samurai

The Story of Trix

[| The Story of Trix!]

©2007-2008 ~Bar-ra-couda

Winter armour

The Hunter Diary's!

[| The Blangonga in the Snow!] [| The Quest Offer]


Elliott was a hunter that never really settled on a weapon, he quite liked lances, but he also liked everything else. He was born in kokoto and his parents were scientists that used to go all around the country of minegaurd making combo’s that we know today. Joshua is Elliott’s little brother who loved the sword and shield and was also born in kokoto (forest and hills, area 4). Nathan or Nate for short was born in pokke; he has a knack for greatswords because he has a very strong build. Nate’s little brother Benjamin, or Ben for short was quite a character. Instead of playing with the other children his age he would go out with the felynes and melynes on there breaks and practice bow in the alleyway. He was born in pokke as well as Nate and has strong relations with cats. Nate and Ben’s mother was in the antique business selling old greatswords and other weapons that famous hunters used. She moved to kokoto because she hated the cold mountains and because her Granma lives close by, she was always in for a visit. One day while Elliott was in an average class in the training school, a new boy showed up; it was Nate, who was placed right next to Elliott, and had a strange set of armor on. Elliott eventually asked a question while the trainer was blabbing on about the khezu, ”pssst hey you, what armor is that?” “its just normal hunter?” replied Nate.

“What armor is that?,” asked Nate

“oh, this is just battle armor,”said Elliott And so the time came for the monster train! Kessy was paired up with galdin, and conin with reshi, and Nate with Elliott. The two pairs had gone ( and not returned yet.) and it was time for those two to go. “ummm mister koso.” “heyes?” “what monster is it?” “why it’s a congalala!” Nate had a look of puzzlement and Elliott was excited. The pink gorilla him(her)self. “umm mister Koso?” “yes Nathan?” “What’s that?” “Oh you don’t know what that is huh? Umm well its basically a pink Blangonga but with feces based attacks.” Nate was a bit astonished that Elliott was excited. A farting pink gorilla? Nate then asked Elliott the Question of why? “because its one of the hardest monsters yet!” And then the bell rang, Elliott and Nate started the quest.

Josh was around town just hanging out.He first went to the guild for some food, for they had the best kelbi in town. And then he went to the town chief, who loves to talk to the young hunters. Yep, josh was just counting his days before the training school would start teaching him. Only 3 more months and boy was he excited. He was walking back from the chief when he saw Tenya, the exploring cat, in an alleyway talking to a boy with what looked like snow clothes and a hunting bow. Josh was curious. He walked into the alley and said “sup Trenya, hello…….fellow hunter?” The boy answered with, “It’s Ben and howdy to you?” “oh I’m Josh, I see you use bow.” “yeah, I see you use sword and shield, and by the way your stance is a little off balanced.” “What? What do you mean?” “for a sword and shield user your stance should be more evasive, not broad.” “ok? What armor is that?” “its mamomufu. Its made from anteka.” “oh, ok. What’s that?” And then they heard a scream, and a roar of a monster erupted through the town.

Elliott and Nate were quick on there feet, but not quick enough. The Congalala was jumping and punching Elliott and Nate clean off there feet, but they seemed to be getting quite a lot of hits off. Then it happened. The congalala turned around and hunched over. Nate saw the opportunity to attack and started GS charging. “NO NATE! RUN!” Elliott was franticly yelling no.

  • FART* Nate fell back from the wind and Immediately convulsing on the ground because of the smell all over his body. Elliott then threw deodorant at Nate and just fully charged at breakneck pace at the Congalala. The Congalala just hit the ground and just started screaming. It lied still. It was dead. Nate got up and started wiping the remainder of the deodorant on his sword and then, still smelling of dead fish which was better than before, started carving he had a bruise on his arm and Elliott had a cut on his leg. Other than that they were fine. They could see there friendship blossoming.

Josh was running as fast as he ever had, and Ben was running with an arrow charged in the quiver they slide past the guild and down the street towards the cherry trees. They heard a girl scream and a monster roar so they went to save her. They get into the tree cover and see a girl running away with a basket of cherries in her arms, though most of the cherries were flying out the top of the basket. The girl screamed, “GET OUT OF HERE SAVE YOURSELVES!” But Ben and Josh were too distracted by the pink Yian Kut Ku behind the girl. Josh ran up and pushed the girl into a bush and jumped out of the Kut Ku’s way. And Ben was right in front of the Kut Ku shooting his bow, it seemed like every shot was hitting the Kut Ku where it hurts. Josh then ran up and started hacking away, doing his old strategy, hack roll block hack. Then the Kut Ku swiped Josh away and fire balled Ben away. Josh was screaming about how he think he broke his leg and Ben was on fire running around trying to put it out. The Kut Ku was scratching the ground and making a high pitched roar, in what seemed like entertainment for two young hunters were on the ground rolling.Then Josh crawled to his shield and jumped on the Kut Ku’s tail and Ben (his armor singed and smelling of burnt hair) grabbed his bow and started shooting at the Kut Ku’s head. The Kut Ku, who was astonished as his tail was extremely heavy and he couldn’t see strait, flew away. Josh fell off the tail and landed in a tree, and Ben was sitting on the ground inspecting his armor. Josh yelled at Ben “not bad for an archer” “Not bad for a sword and shield user,” replied Ben.



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