The Team Steam Show is a fan-fiction TV show created by Pikachufreak.


  • The show resolves on two koopalings Iggy Koopa and Roy Koopa (created by Fried The Hen) They live in the house with Lemmy Koopa (also created by Fried The Hen). Their worst enemies were Ramona (from The Stolen Stones), Aya (from The Ninja Poke-Showdown and Ariados, Amigos) and Charmaine (from The Apple Corp). The show premiered on April 28, 1996. It took hiatus when the 2nd Season ended on June 15, 1998. It resumed airing on November 16, 2001 and ended its run on November 20, 2003. The show is similar to Dexter's Laboratory.


  1. Iggy Koopa (Tara Charendoff)
  2. Roy Koopa (Gordon Masten)
  3. Lemmy Koopa (Tara Charendoff)
  4. Ramona (Roxanne Beck)
  5. Aya (Lisa Ortiz)
  6. Charmaine (Lisa Ortiz)


Season 1 (1996-1997)

  1. Iggy-Mensional/The Steamettes in Ramona's Bad Luck/Roy's Combat
  2. Iggy's Dodgeball/The Steamettes in Aya's Training Daze/Roy's Assistant
  3. Iggy's Rival/The Steamettes in Charmaine's Missing Apples/Old Man Roy
  4. Iggy's Double Trouble/The Steamettes in Ramona's BBQ/Roy's Changing Day
  5. Jurassic Iggy/The Steamettes in Aya's Revenge/Dimwit Roy
  6. Iggy's Room/The Steamettes in Charmaine's Hunter/Roy Gets Gigantic
  7. Iggy's Superhero/The Steamettes in TV Trouble/Roy In Videogame Land
  8. Iggy's Babysitter/The Steamettes in Ramonita's Room/Roy's Dream Machine
  9. Iggy's Drama/The Steamettes in Aya's Date/Roy's Girly Love
  10. Way of The Iggy/The Steamettes in Charmaine's Little Secret/Tribe Called Roy
  11. Iggy's Spacecase/The Steamettes in RatGirl/Roy's Debt
  12. Iggy's Rival Returns/The Steamettes in An Unexpected Bee/Roy's Power Play
  13. Iggy's Inflatable Balloon/The Steamettes in No Naps/Roy's Monster Story

Season 2 (1997-1998)

  1. Iggy Gets A Beard/The Steamettes in Ramona's Evil Side/Roy and The Ants
  2. Iggy and Jerry/The Steamettes in Fundemonium/Roy's Crazy Robot
  3. I & L/The Steamettes in Robot Showdown/Roy's Arm Wrestling Challenge
  4. Hunger On Iggy/The Steamettes in The Cat Is Loose/Roy's Morning Stretch
  5. Iggy and The Lochness Monster/The Steamettes in Backfired/Roy's Bookend
  6. Iggy's Brand New Bag/The Steamettes in Shoo, Stupid Fly/Roy and The Lost Dungeon
  7. Iggy and The Labels/The Steamettes in Game Show/Roy's Fantastic Boyage
  8. Iggy and The Filet of Soul/The Steamettes in Aya's Big Break/Roy's Golden Disc
  9. Iggy's Snowdown/The Steamettes in Dolly Girl/Roy's Big Race
  10. Iggy's Growth/The Steamettes in Nuclear Confusion/Roy and The Germs
  11. Iggy's Hard Day/The Steamettes in Road Rash/Roy's Ocean Commotion
  12. Iggy The Bus Guy/The Steamettes in Things That Go Bong In The Night/Old McRoy
  13. Iggy's New Friend/The Steamettes in Girl Overboard/Roy's Photo Finish
  14. Iggy's Star Check/The Steamettes in Charmaine Gets Dirty/Roy and The Ice Cream
  15. Iggy and The Decode/The Steamettes in World's Greatest Girl/Roy's Robot
  16. Techno Iggy/The Steamettes in Surprise!/Roy and The Goat
  17. Iggy's Opera/The Steamttes in An Urgent Operation/Roy In The Dumps
  18. Iggy's Fortune Cookie/The Steamettes in Pizza Delivery/Roy and The Muffins
  19. Iggy's Picture Day/The Steamettes in That's A Stretch/Roy Gets Detention
  20. Iggy and The Baby/The Steamettes in Ballet Class/B.O.Y. Squad - Roy Style
  21. Iggy and The Sports/The Steamettes in Imaginary Friend/Project Roy
  22. Iggy Gets Topped Off/The Steamettes in Charmaine's Cat Ears/Roy's Power Outage
  23. Iggy's Brother/The Steamettes in A Big Mess/Roy and The Laughing
  24. Iggy's Story/The Steamettes in Coupon For Bingo/Roy Gets Wet
  25. Iggy's Critical Gas/The Steamettes in Let's Save Ramona/Average Roy
  26. Iggy's Rushmore Rumble/The Steamettes in A Girl and Her Bee/Roy's Vegetables
  27. Iggy's Eyes/The Steamettes in No Singing, Charmaine/Roy and The Man
  28. Iggy's Old Flame/The Steamettes in Don't Be A Heroine/Roy's Martian
  29. Iggy's Paper Route/The Steamettes in The Old Switcherooms/Roy's Trick Or Treat
  30. Iggy's Quiet Day/The Steamettes in French Accents/Roy's Catch of The Day
  31. Iggy's Disturbed/The Steamettes in Framed/Roy's Using His Head
  32. Iggy-Bot/The Steamettes in A Beautiful Mariachi Song/Roy's Repairman
  33. Iggy Goes Backwards/The Steamettes in Cartoon Fools/Roy's Surf Competition
  34. Iggy's Big Bots/The Steamettes in Gooey Aliens/Roy In Space
  35. The Revenge of Iggy's Rival/The Steamettes in Rubber Gloves/Roy Plays The Game
  36. Iggy's Blackfoot/The Steamettes in Trapped In The Store/Roy and The Parrot
  37. Iggy and The Computer Get His Rival/The Steamettes in Pain In The Mouth/Santa Roy
  38. Iggy Dino-Might/The Steamettes in Charmaine's Tearful Day/Roy's Musical
  39. Last But Not Beast - Steam and Steamette Style

Season 3 (2001-2002)

  1. Iggy Gets Streaky Clean/The Steamettes in A Ramona Cartoon/Roy's Sole
  2. Iggy's Mind Over Business/The Steamettes in An Aya Cartoon/Mother Roy
  3. Iggy's Aptitude Test/The Steamettes in A Failed Experiment/The Grand of All Roy
  4. Poppa Iggster/The Steamettes in A Charmaine Cartoon/The Mock Side of Roy's Room
  5. If Iggy's Memory Serves/The Steamettes in A Ramonita Cartoon/Tele-Roy
  6. A Boy Named Iggbert/The Steamettes in Another Ramona Cartoon/Roy-Bot on The Run
  7. Das Iggy/The Steamettes in A Charmaine Jr. Cartoon/Would You Like That, Roy?
  8. Iggy's Magic Moment/The Steamettes in A Silent Cartoon/Opposites For Roy
  9. Iggy's Comic/The Steamettes in A Third Ramona Cartoon/Robo-Roy 3000
  10. Iggy At First Sight/The Steamettes in A Ramona and Charmaine Cartoon/Roy's Smell
  11. Oh, Iggy?/The Steamettes in Another Aya Cartoon/Roy's Bar Exam
  12. Jeepers, Iggy/The Steamettes in Another Charmaine Cartoon/Go, Roy, Go!
  13. Iggy's Scare Tactics/The Steamettes in A Time Lapsed Cartoon/Roy VS. Nick

Season 4 (2002-2003)

  1. Iggy's Tie/The Steamettes in Remember Me, Ramona?/Overruled For Roy
  2. Iggy's Sistem Error/The Steamettes in A Cable Problem/Roy's Library
  3. Iggy's Big Game/The Steamettes in Monster Charmaine/Roy Sleepwalks
  4. Iggy's Little Problem/The Steamettes in A Hat Party/R2
  5. Iggy's Headband/The Steamettes in Teddy Bear House/Roy's Ink
  6. Iggy Has A Crush/The Steamettes in Chess Aya/Roy Knows Least
  7. Iggy The Barbarian/The Steamettes in The Tube/Roy's Sore Eyes
  8. Baby Sitter Iggbert/The Steamettes in Mountain Aya/Two Koopaling Geniuses
  9. Iggy's Unseen Height/The Steamettes in Bygone Errors/Roy's Folly Calls
  10. Iggy's Voice Over/The Steamettes in Leading The Purple/Roy The Comic Stripper
  11. Iggy's Tee Party/The Steamettes in Tennis Folly/Roy's Wacky Races
  12. Iggy and The Room of Tomorrow/The Steamettes in Bugs/Roy's Chicken Scratch
  13. Iggy Gets The Chops/The Steamettes in Choir Girls/Roy's Comedy of Feathers

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